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Thursday, May 17, 2012

《幸福摩天輪》 "Blissful Ferris Wheel" Costume Fitting Pictures


TVB8 Clip


Weibo Pictures

- The series will reference the Red Cross Tracing Service's cases to bring out touching stories and social issues. Red Cross has a 60-year Tracing Service, which was established to help families who lost contact with each other during the Second World War find their relatives. Linda Chung, Jason Chan, and Lin Xia Wei, who work at the volunteer agency Yan Ming Federation (恩明社), will be responsible for finding people and finding true love. Half of the stories will be adapted from real cases. There will be different cast combinations.
- Linda will play Hong Yu Fung (康如楓), a social worker who is responsible for tracking down missing people. She has obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. She comes from a blissful family. Because of interaction from work, she and Jason unknowingly develop feelings for each other. She will pursue Jason.
- Jason will play Si Yik Him (施亦謙), a cheerful and positive guy. He was an orphan. He and Lin Xia Wei were university classmates and colleagues at a fund company, and they have been dating for six years. Later, he goes into social work, where he meets Linda, resulting in a love triangle.
- Lin Xia Wei will play Ting Pung Chi (丁芃芝), a social worker. Her relationship with Jason undergoes challenges because of Linda's appearance.
- There will be a love triangle among Linda, Jason, and Lin Xia Wei.
- Cilla Kung will play Sin Kit Ching (冼潔貞), a social worker. She is a member of the Red Cross tracing team Yan Ming Federation.
- Patrick Dunn will play a family man. He is a common person who has a warm family. He is Linda's father.
- Rosanne Lui will play a career woman. She is Linda's mother.
- Brian Chu will play Hong Yu Pak (康如柏), Linda's younger brother who has a leg length discrepancy.
- Lee Sing Cheung will play Helen Ma's older twin brother.
- Helena Law will play Hui Yuk Mui (許玉梅), who was a prostitute in the '50s or '60s. When she was young, she went to prison because of murder. After being released from prison, she wants to find her younger brother and younger sister, whom she has lost contact with, so she enlists the help of Yan Ming Federation's service.
- Elaine Yiu will play the younger version of Helena's character. She is a prostitute in the '60s who experienced many bad things. For her younger brother and younger sister, she secretly becomes a dancer.
- Raymond Wong will play the younger version of Chow Chung's character. He will have a romantic storyline with Elaine, but their romance undergoes many challenges.
- Oscar Leung will play the 19-year-old version of Law Lok Lam's character. He is a student. He is Elaine's younger brother.
- Tina Shek will guest-star for three episodes as Hui Yuk Kei (許玉琪), a 17-year-old student.
- Timothy Cheng will play a villain.
- Elaine, Raymond, and Timothy will be involved in a complicated love triangle.
- Charmaine Li will play Lai Suk Man (黎淑敏), a young, unmarried mother. She gave her daughter up for adoption. Later, her daughter's adoptive parents contact her to retrieve a birth certificate so that their adopted daughter could go to school. In the end, she uses the couple's love for her daughter to blackmail them.

Blessing Ceremony @ J2 Clip

Completion Banquet @ TVBE Clip

FYI: The official English title of this series is "Missing You".

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Personal Note: Linda's look in here seems like a combination of Miss Koo and Ko Yu Chu!

Guessing that this series will have a similar approach to "Only You".

*Credits to the-sun and Weibo


  1. This new series looks promising. Been a while since I've seen a character who's a social worker. Last time was in ATV's Pretty Police Woman where Gilbert Lam was a social worker who paired up with Alice Chan.

    If it's like Only You then it sounds interesting already! And Jason Chan looks alot more mature with those glasses! Is he older than Linda?

    1. You didn't watch "Seed of Hope" or "Ghetto Justice"? The former revolved around social work, while Sam Lee's character was a social worker in the latter.

      Jason will be turning 35 in December. Linda just turned 28.

    2. Linda looks older/more mature than her age. She doesn't look like she's 7 years younger than Jason.

      It's also visible in HOHAV, her ancient look looks so much more mature than Myolie, whereas in reality she's 5 years younger than Myolie. Maybe people with round face, like Myolie, Sire and Yoyo Chen, look younger than those with a more oval face.

  2. that lin xia wei girl has only done 1 tvb series and is already doing a leading or 2nd lead role??? don't you think its too fast for her?

  3. Lin xia wei is getting second lead role so fast!

  4. Is Raymond Wong playing a guess role?
    TVB should have him play the lead role.

    I don't find Lin Xia Wei attractive. She's being promoted because she's related to Lam Fung.

    1. Raymond Wong should be guest-starring in here, as he is still filming "Coastline".

  5. Oh now I know who's Buzz!! :D He's Raymond Wong's younger version in Bottled Passion, such cute guy!

  6. Helen and Lee Sing Cheung are not playing Ngok Wah's children: http://www.weibo.com/1891457704/yjDNy7RsF