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Monday, May 14, 2012

"Come Home Love" Opening Theme Video

"Hug Love" - Joyce Cheng

擁抱愛 《愛.回家》 主題曲 - 鄭欣宜

作曲: 鄭欣宜
填詞: 張美賢
編曲: Johnny Yim
監製: 鄧智偉

寒或暖 有笑容可一可再

遙遠 隻身參與漫長競賽
回家這路線 快樂佈景四邊覆蓋
越行越遠 困倦了總有家中這道門 為我開

晴或雨 要記住相親相愛

無限暖 最美是這一種愛

"Come Home Love" Episode 1

Yvonne Lam on "The Green Room"

Queenie Chu on "The Green Room"

Max Cheung on "The Green Room"

Chan Wing Chun on "The Green Room"

Lai Lok Yi on "The Green Room"

Eddie Law, William Chu & Glen Lee on "The Green Room"

Personal Note: The song is quite nice and soothing! The opening is quite creative (different from other sitcom openings)...like the painting aspect. :)

Don't like how Lai Lok Yi says his lines (so exaggerating), but the first episode was quite nice.

He he.... It was like watching Cha Siu Bing from "A Kindred Spirit" when Lau Dan scratched his head at the end of the first episode. ;)

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