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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kenneth Ma Loses Opportunity to Make Money



Kenneth Ma was at TVB City filming "Neighborhood Treasures". Since [his] new series hasn't started filming yet, he already asked the company to help him accept more outside jobs. He said, "'Triumph in the Skies II' has been delayed to begin filming in July, so have another new series to film now, and turned down a Mainland series". As for losing a some-hundred thousand [RMB] income, Kenneth bitterly laughed and told everyone not to mention sad matters. Earlier, it was rumoured that he has feelings for Rebecca Zhu. Kenneth said, "I'm not too familiar with her!"

Kenneth Ma Praises Rebecca Zhu: Does Not Dare to Steal Someone's Girlfriend

Kenneth Ma did a recording for a TVB programme. When discussing that it was earlier rumoured that, during the filming of "Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles", he had feelings for Miss Hong Kong Rebecca Zhu, who played his wife, he said, "Got along with her [Rebecca Zhu] for a few weeks when doing location filming in Shanghai. Also think that she is quite good...is a good girl". However, when Kenneth knew that she was already taken, [he] immediately said, "She has a boyfriend, so won't compete with the other person". When asked why he feels that the girl is so good but also gives up easily, he said, "She is a Miss Hong Kong winner. In terms of manners, must also say that she is good".

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Personal Note: Ha ha.... Ma Ming did say that he wanted more rumours! :P His rumour with Rebecca can help promote "Silver". :)

Ha ha.... The grammar on Ma Ming's t-shirt is so off! "Can connects from your heart is...priceless!!" :P

*Credits to appledaily and the-sun


  1. Ma Ming's heart belongs to Tavia<3 hihi<3

    1. another kenta fan here, I see: love! >.<

  2. Kenneth got what he wants, which is more rumours. I thought the reporters had already told him that Rebecca has broken up with her boyfriend though, so he won't be stealing someone's girlfriend if he pursues her. Hehe.

    1. In the Oriental Daily article, the reporter told Ma Ming that Rebecca is Clayton Li's girlfriend, so that's why Ma Ming responded that way.