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Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Wish and Switch" TVBI Trailer


  1. lols im so confused watching the trailer, but it seems like it would be nice to watch :)

    so ..did they just switch identities or switch bodies? that's what confusing me the most.

  2. i'm wondering the same thing!!! i thought they would just be switching bodies or something haha

  3. to JingMui & Rachel: Only switch identities.

    Myolie, who was originally Fan Suk Heung (housewife) becomes Hau Yeuk Hoi.
    Selena, who was originally Hau Yeuk Hoi (rich wife) becomes Fan Suk Heung.

    After the switch, the people around them only recognize them as the new identity, i.e. Johnson sees Selena as his wife, whereas Vincent sees Myolie as his wife.

    Anyways, I don't really look forward to this drama, as TVB always suck at comedies in recent years, all of them are somehow lame, stupid and not funny, with the exception from ACOTOB.

  4. i was so confuse too after watching the trailer omg =.= i emo for 20min trying to figure out the plot =.=

  5. This show looks wu liao! Another series that I'll be skipping!