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Sunday, December 18, 2011

"Acts of Gods" Episode 2

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Johnson Lee as Ken Choi






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Personal Note: Like that the 'magic' segments were separated this time! :D

During the singing imitations, Louis, Johnson, and Cho Lam imitated Cammi Tse, Ken Choi, and Tony Leung respectively. Johnson sounded more like Andy Lau.... :P Saw Cho Lam's Weibo post earlier, and thought that he did resemble Tony; however, his Mandarin is better than Tony's.... :P

During the acting imitations, "Beyond the Realm of Conscience", "When Heaven Burns", and "Curse of the Royal Harem" were parodied. Funny how Cho Lam exaggerated Myolie's hyperactive lips! :P Also like the reference to the 'bottle' bug! Ha ha.... ;)

Love "The Green Room" segment, especially Johnson's Leon Lai impersonation! Also funny how Louis imitated Hanjin's facial expressions! :D

Wayne Lai's nose was featured on this episode of "Nose Live".

This episode of "Toi Story" was funnier than the previous one, especially when Hungry was taking Handelababy through the birthing process. Found it quite hilarious that Johnson was unable to hold his laughter, and that he was laughing so hard that he was crying! :D "Attention, please! Please stand behind my yellow line. Thank you for your cooperation. Good night!" Ha ha.... Derek Kwok also made a special guest appearance during this segment.

Ha ha.... Now Johnson is singing children's songs in Dave Wang's crying voice.... :P


  1. I can never get sick of FLS! I always fall of my chair laughing) I mean I actually did fall)!

  2. “法拉!法拉!原來你係宣萱” 哈哈哈哈 笑死我