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Sunday, December 4, 2011

"36 Hours on Call" @ TVB Sales Presentation 2012

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Personal Note: Don't like the scenes that were selected for this Sales clip because it does not seem to be an accurate representation of what the series is actually about (i.e., the interns). The clip should have been more focused on the profession itself.

*Credits to http://kingsir.hk/ and HKLOVE.org


  1. Why didn't they show the interns?

    Anyways, I'm still anticipating 36 because of MM and Tata! I like Mandy too!

  2. Hope Tavia will sport a different hair style in her new series. Her characters have all blended together so have become very similar and not fresh to me anymore.

  3. This is one of my most anticipated drama next year. i love dramas with medical genre. And all the 4 leads r likable n part of my favs too. Tavia, Kenneth, Mandy and Him. <3 Looking forward.

  4. Soooo NICE:D!!

  5. Looking forward to Kenneth and Tavia's chemistry!

    It's so cliche to make Tavia's character have an illness though. :/

  6. Tavia crying at the coast side reminds me of Mysteries of Love scene.

  7. Anticipating this for Kenneth and mandy. I don't like that they are making a doctor having an illness again. So cliche