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Thursday, December 8, 2011

"Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles" Dance Rehearsal


J2 Clip

Damian Lau Mocks Ron Ng for Getting a Relative to Help Promote

Ron Ng suddenly became a news figure because of rumoured girlfriend Viann Zhang 'mistakenly uploading' a bed picture on his Weibo. Due to not feeling well, Ron was absent at a promotion for his new series yesterday. Tavia Yeung, Kenneth Ma, and Damian Lau, who are in the same series, all responded to the matter.

Tavia, who portrays a concubine in the series, did not comment on Ron and Viann's intimate relationship, only saying that she never saw her in person; however, she believes that Ron is not a person who evades things. She said, "He is always mildly sick...should not be faking illness. I think that he really is not feeling well that he is absent". Tavia said that, if Viann did upload a picture on Ron's Weibo on her own, everyone has to be careful of his or her own account, and to not put too many pictures in one's phone. Being rumoured with Him Law, would Tavia worry about him doing this? Tavia said, "Firstly, friends would not borrow my phone overnight. Because of this, there would be no chance of putting pictures on my phone".

Kenneth just attended a wedding banquet with Ron the night before, but he does not know if he went along to continue drinking afterward; however, he will urge Ron to come out to explain the matter, and also needs an urgent response.

Damian said that Ron may have uploaded the picture on Weibo himself: "Perhaps he wanted to help promote the series. Even his relative (referring to Viann) has to help".

Personal Note: Had a feeling that Ron would not show up at the dance rehearsal.... :P

Ha ha.... Elena misheard Ma Ming, as he said that Sharon has been "nominated" numerous times, but she thought that he said that she's "hardworking". ;)

Wong Wai will be missed!

*Credits to tavia.org and singpao


  1. hahah i find it funny how rebecca zhu seems to be leaning away from kenneth like he's standing too close to her lol

  2. lol this is why i love elena kong so much. she's so funny.

  3. lol oh Elena is so funny! gotta love her sense of humor!