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Monday, December 5, 2011

TV Awards Presentation 2011

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Part 5

Part 6


Best Actor: Kevin Cheng ("Ghetto Justice")
Best Actress: Myolie Wu ("Curse of the Royal Harem")
Best Supporting Actor: Ben Wong ("Lives of Omission")
Best Supporting Actress: Sharon Chan ("Ghetto Justice")
My Favourite TV Male Character: Kevin Cheng ("Ghetto Justice")
My Favourite TV Female Character: Myolie Wu ("Ghetto Justice")
Most Improved Male Artiste: MC Jin
Most Improved Female Artiste: Sire Ma
Best Host(s): Grasshopper ("All Star Glam Exam")
Best Series: "Lives of Omission"
Best Variety Programme: "All Star Glam Exam"
Best Enrichment Programme: "Water of Life"
tvb.com Weibo Popularity Award: Kevin Cheng
Most Admirable Award: "Hong Kong Back Then"
Lifetime Achievement Award: Lee Heung Kam
Extraordinarily Elegant Male and Female Artistes: Bosco Wong & Myolie Wu

Final Five
- Best Actor: Moses Chan, Kevin Cheng, Michael Tse, Bosco Wong, Wayne Lai
- Best Actress: Liza Wang, Linda Chung, Fala Chen, Maggie Cheung, Myolie Wu
- Best Supporting Actor: Jazz Lam, Derek Kwok, Ben Wong, Ngo Ka Nin, Lee Kwok Lun
- Best Supporting Actress: Sharon Chan, Natalie Tong, Aimee Chan, Helen Ma, Nancy Wu
- My Favourite TV Male Character: Kevin Cheng, Ruco Chan, Michael Tse, Bosco Wong, Wayne Lai
- My Favourite TV Female Character: Linda Chung, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen, Maggie Cheung, Aimee Chan
- Best Series: "Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!", "Ghetto Justice", "The Other Truth", "Lives of Omission", "Forensic Heroes III"

TVB received ten complaints. One was unsatisfied with host Vincent Wong's performance, saying that he was not eloquent and fluent in speaking. The other nine were aimed at the results not meeting what the audience had hoped for, such that 'TV King' should have gone to Michael Tse, and that Myolie Wu should not have received 'My Favourite TV Female Character'. The Hong Kong Broadcasting Authority also received five complaints, as audiences thought that the outcome was unfair.

This year's awards presentation averaged 38 points, and peaked at 41 points (when Natalis Chan was presenting the award for 'Best Host').

"Extra" Clip (120511)

"Extra" Clip (120611)

"Scoop" Clip (120511)

"Scoop" Clip (120611)


TVB8 Clip

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*Credits to rubyql, www.myoliewu.org, and Weibo


  1. Congrats to Myolie and Kevin for the TRIPLE award! So happy for them. They deserve it and this is their year!

  2. Personally, Myolie's role in Curse of the Royal Harem does not deserve Best Actress award; it's Maggie's and Jessica's that deserve. Yet, I think Wong Chi Fu is OK for My Fav. Female Character.
    Anyway, despite knowing that TVB would never give any awards to Maggie Cheung and Steven Ma, I still feel very bad...

  3. Yay, congrats to them all! I'm so happy for Kevin and Myolie for getting Best Actor and Best Actress. I'm a little surprised that they didn't split up the Character awards for Linda and Michael just because I would think they would want to split it up. I think they deserved it, but TVB probably also wanted to build up suspense for the Best Actor/Actress awards. lol
    I liked both their speeches. :)

    Also, why did they bring Vincent Wong to cohost? He was not very good.

  4. my heart is crushed-.-
    and what is that Extraordinarily Elegant Male and Female Artistes award? I don't get it...
    but still Congratulations to the winners, although some of them did not deserve it...

  5. gg to Forensic Heroes III. Highest rated series of the year and it got not awards whatsoever.

  6. where's the video?

  7. OMG yes!! :D congrats Myolie and Kevin!

  8. @bryantchant Maggie Cheung already won Best Actress in 2003 (which btw was well-deserved because she was amazing in The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow! Such a memorable role), so don't feel so bad.

    Honestly, as much as I disliked YSSS, Linda really should have won Fav Female Character, because that character actually contributed to YSSS's success. Michael also should have won Fav Male character, not KC (he should have won it in 2008 for Last One Standing instead IMO). After all, Laughing was such a phenomenal character. You got to give credit to a character that has made a contribution to HK culture!

    And I have no comment on the Top 5 nominations... just.. eh. Biased TVB will always be biased.

  9. i dont like Micheal Tse, but i think he should of win My favorite award, and for My favorite Female award i think Linda or Fala but not moylie because her role in Ghetto Justice is not as great as Miss Cool and Madam Jo

  10. Certainly I know of Maggie's success in 2003. But can an artist win twice or more? That's what I hope because Maggie's acting is always superb, to me.
    The reason for which I feel bad is that Maggie did a better job than Myolie did in CORH, and Steven Ma was excellent in Sentinel, but they got almost no recognition.

  11. @bryantchang - Oh yes, definitely. Maggie was really good in FH3, much better than Myolie. The only time when I was really impressed with Myolie's acting was in A Chip Off the Old Block. It blows my mind that she didn't even make it into Top 5 with that role!

    I don't see how Steven was good in Sentinel. I like Steven, especially in his older dramas, but Sentinel was just... so bad in many ways. It would have been much better for me if Steven and Kenneth switched roles - because both of them looked pretty bored in their respective roles.

  12. Imo, Steven was excellent in Sentinel. I absolutely enjoyed his performance there. I, on the other hand, don't see how good Michael was in Loo with his recycled 'choke' and choked look and posing, again. I was totally bored with his laughing performance but Bosco kept me entertained to the end. So yeah, I'm happy Laughing left empty handed.

  13. Laughing has been chok-ing and posing since E.U. Michael is being consistent with his character, so I don't see why people are making a big fuss over it.

    And honestly, I really want to ask - are there any Steven fans out there who DIDN'T enjoy his Sentinel performance? Steven's an excellent actor, but even he couldn't save Sentinel's poor and inconsistent scriptwriting. Relic had a much better script (despite my dislike for Michael Tse and Elanne Kong's characters). If Sentinel got recognition, at least give Relic was notability.

  14. I'm still shocked that KC and Myolie taking home three awards! Does TVB have 50% or 30% of the final vote?

  15. I was shocked too by the KC's and Myolie's triple awards. So incomprehensible. What was TVB's purpose for doing that?

  16. ah disappointed Tavia not nominated in top 5 for fave female character..

  17. I don't think Tavia not being in the Top 5 for Favourite Female Character was disappointing per se; what was most disappointing (or rather ridiculous) was the fact that Aimee Chan was. Really?!

  18. Huh? Tavia did not even make into the top 5 for any award?

  19. Tavia Yeung hasn't been nominated for anything?! Is this a joke? TVB really needs to sort itself out...

  20. I don't know when TVB got in the habit of awarding to 2 series only. This year is GJ and LOO (last year was CBML and NR, etc.).

    Hence, I'm shocked that Kevin and Myolie swept the awards. I thought Michael would win BA or at least MFMC. But, LOO got the consolation prize. Myolie was expected to win BA, but for her to grab MFFC was surprising. I don't know what happened there. Then, she got another award with Bosco? I'm thinking TVB wanted to give her another award, so she'll walk away with 3 awards just like Kevin. Not deserving!

    I wonder if TVB awarded BA to Kevin bc he's the new money-maker. After his new found success in Mainland, TVB will not let him go.

    I thought TVB would have "pork" awards for Fala. But, it makes sense now. She was only hyped to acknowledge her fadan status at TVB.

  21. So disappointed in this yr's awards, especially in some top 5 nominations.

    Really miss how the awards were like back in 1997-98 where ppl were well-awarded and recognized.

  22. TVB awards disappoints for another year, LOL.

    Was it really necessary to make Kevin and Myolie sweep the awards? Even the usual trick of inventing a 'pork' award goes to Myolie AGAIN?!!

    I don't think Michael deserves Best Actor but Laughing's popularity is undisputed or they wouldn't be able to milk that cow foreveeeeeeer - yet he doesn't even get My Favourite?

    I'm glad Fala didn't get My Favourite as rumoured and I didn't care for Linda taking it. But I do question if Myolie's character was really that popular. And even if not, Myolie winning for Best Actress was always a question of being the best (contracted fa dan) of the worst. It was really the bottom of the barrel this year.

    Nancy not getting Best Supporting (or Elena) is ridiculous when she shined in GMG, CORH, FHIII, ugh. Why do you insist of being lame, TVB?

  23. @Advo Even Liza Wang who loves Myolies aid that Ghetto wasn't her best performance. Now that is definitely speaking the truth! But no choice, it was really picking the best out of the worst, no one stood out. And those who "can" act like Kristal and Elena didn't big enough roles to shine. I've never seen a lead for sitcom win which is sad. Roles like Diana, SumBuiYee, Kau Chun all deserved awards.

  24. @ Sport3888

    Kinda sad how Myolie was better in GJ (but not even her best performance) yet won Best Actress for an even worser performance in CORH! Aiya, with TVB's level of quality nowadays, this was to be expected. I just thought it was hilarious how they didn't even bother to try to hide their obvious favouritism by spreading the pork a little around.

    Still bummed about Nancy but her having Felix and Michael's support is so cute, LOL

  25. @sport: Liza isn't a great actress herself. It might not be Myolie's best performance to some people but certainly the most outstanding compared to the other first line fadans.

    Fala has nothing to lose. If anything she's now successfully elevated to first line fadan.

  26. @Selina: By "first line fadans," you are referring to Jessica and Maggie as well? Please. Myolie is still far from them. If TVB didn't pave the way for Myolie this year, she wouldn't have swept 3 awards.

    The extent TVB promoted Myolie this year is comparable to Charmaine. I wonder who's next...

  27. @Tracy

    Jessica and Maggie aren't contracted fadans.

    If Jessica and Maggie are as powerful as Sheren, TVB cant stop them from winning, but Jessica and Maggie aren't as strong.

  28. I suprise Michael Tse win nothing in the TVB award ,his Laughing Gor role in Lives on Omission shall give him the award My Favourite TV Male Character,Kevin Cheng role Law Bar cannot compare with Laughing which are not as simple as black or white ,and Charmaine could win the award have the serial When Heaven burn aired early this year.

  29. @Selina: They're still "first line fadans." Should have said the "contracted fadans" or the "fadans in Myolie's league."

    Someone shared this, "The final result is depended on 30% public voting, 30% from producers and the remaining 40% from the seven senior managers from TVB. At first, the senior management decided to let Michael Tse to win TV King. But they changed their decision yesterday morning as they would like to follow the public voting, and thus give the priority to Kevin."


  30. @Tracy

    What ouch? The management did a good thing if this is true. Kevin is audience's choice.

  31. I actually think Myolie's performance in Ghetto Justice was better than Curse of Royal Harem. Some scenes in Curse were too dramatic/fake. Her portrayal in Ghetto was much more natural and convincing.

    And how cute was she when she thanked Bosco?! They're so cute together!

  32. So disappointed in this year's awards!!!:( it was not fair-.-
    hope next yeah will be better!!!!!!

  33. extremely dissapointed with this year's winners...
    this tells us tvb is bias.

    i predict next year's tv queen & king might be Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung. next year's most improved might be Him Law and Mandy Wong.

  34. i think next year might be tavia too! unless well we dont know how the other actresses in grand productions may fare... as for raymond it's the same too... next year, wayne, moses, sheren, and maggie all have great dramas

  35. Only 10 complaints? That's not that bad. haha.

    I also want to mention that my favorite presenter is Sheren Teng. She knew and worked with most of the male nominees and had something good to say about each of them, she was funny, and she looked amazing!

  36. I liked the part best where Sheren says to Moses that they'll have a good chance of taking out the awards next year with WAB 2!

    Can't wait for next years awards with dramas like WAB 2, PF, TITS2, 36hrs, ThunderousDR etc and good artists with interesting roles like Sheren + Ada, Moses in WAB2, Charmaine in 4inlove, Wayne in detective, the competition should be fierce.

  37. Myolie had got it easy this year. She was competing against people of her calibre only. I don't count Liza Wang, she was a "WTF nomination". Jessica had just left TVB so she wasn't going to get anything. Even if she did stay, her role wasn't strong enough to win. Maggie is with TVB per contract basis, and her role in FH3 wasn't strong, no scenes for her to showcase her true talent. So Myolie lucked out by standing out among her equal peers.

    Next year will be quite tough for Myolie, Linda, Tavia, Kate, Fala, and girls of those levels because you'll have Sheren Tang, Ada Choi, Charmaine Sheh for War and Beauty 2. Maggie Cheung and Maggie Siu for The Great Eunuch. Maggie Cheung also has Ladder to Heaven, a Lee Tim Sing series.

  38. Forensic Heroes 3 wasn't that good. It was entertaining to watch and has a good cast but it wasn't the best series. Even if it was, Mui Siu Ching is leaving TVB, so TVB wasn't going to award FH3 anyway.

  39. Hopefully, next year is a real competition. I think TVB does this every now and then. Paving the way for current fadans and then go back to veterans. After Charmaine's win in 2006, the veterans took over until now.

    Although Fala is suffering from facial paralysis, she was smiling all night. Very graceful.

  40. hyn5, what is your take on the results? I was really surprised Linda did not take my fav female as I thought it was set up for viewers to believe that.