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Friday, December 16, 2011

Michelle Yim Replaces Maggie Cheung as Cixi



Filming for "The Great Eunuch", TVB's grand production in the coming year, began yesterday. Wayne Lai, Raymond Wong, and Raymond Cho, who play eunuchs, have already shaved their heads in preparation for over four months of filming. However, it is said that, some days ago, there was a sudden cast change; the role of Cixi was supposed to be played by Maggie Cheung, but it has been changed to Michelle Yim, who initially filmed the Sales Presentation for this series!

Reporters called producer Marco Law for an inquiry; he said, "Have already officially began filming. Michelle [Yim] is also a good choice, but [she] is currently in Mainland...will join the team to film later. Maggie didn't agree to film because of scheduling problems; this series will film until April of next year, which conflicts with her schedule. However, filming just began yesterday; the impact is not great". Michelle, who is in Wuxi, is not worried about having to film in Hengdian afterward, since she has been filming series in Mainland for the past year...already accustomed to it early on, and already played Cixi before, so not worried.

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Personal Note: Following Ruco's withdrawal from the series, Maggie will also no longer be taking part. Perhaps it is because it would be quite taxing for Maggie to film two series consecutively, and even more so with "Eunuch" being an ancient grand production.

Definitely a plus to have Michelle in this series, but still have reservations toward Marco Law taking on the Qing Dynasty for the first time....

*Credits to the-sun


  1. This is great news. I love Maggie Cheung but when I saw the presentation clip for The Great Eunuch I was so excited because Michelle Yim would play Cixi. And finally we'll see Michelle back on TVB.

  2. From the sales presentation clip Michelle is very convincing as Cixi. Glad she gets the role back.

  3. kinda disappointing that Ruco would be part of this series but hopefully his role in the comedy series would be alot bigger. Was looking forward to him and Raymond Wong being Eunuchs which should be very challenging =/