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Friday, December 16, 2011

"Devastated" - Julian Cheung

死去活來 - 張智霖

作曲/編曲: 龍世樑
填詞: 火火
監製: 舒文

糾纏的紅筋 眼淚在疑問
紅腫難分 哭得太狠
虛脫如懲罰 分手總要 發洩全部怨恨

將 床單毛衣掉出去
如合照使我難面對 焚燒都不心虛

恨你夠嗎 害你對嗎
自信心 一天天被焚化
我未放下 還在咒罵你竟偷偷戀上他
是我未夠班 才被摧殘
傷口再花 不等結疤 來灑鹽嗎

鮮紅的顏色 血液為誰滴
如果痕跡 不可退色
怎會留餘地 寫一封信 要你全部確認

當 如此殘忍若不對
遺下我一個捱下去 能否撐起身軀

恨你夠嗎 害你對嗎
自信心 一天天被焚化
我未放下 還在咒罵你竟偷偷戀上他
是我未夠班 才被摧殘
傷口再花 不可結疤 放下好嗎

承認我沒法招架 即管繼續失眠
當死去活來一千遍 誰會記得 續漸過時

害怕上班 害怕回家
害怕她 今天擁著誰嗎
髮亦變白 還任性地壓抑繼續想自殘
自怨沒有她 存活多難
一首怨曲 一生葬花 結局了吧
這種怪胎 不懂節哀 死去活來

Personal Note: Chi Lam is super handsome!

*Credits to starstarfans


  1. hyn5 this is actually Chilam's best song over these two years. None of his songs were any good. I heard from RTHK that Chilam felt he didn't feel like he knew when he worked with 舒文 on this song. Can tell his emotional interpretation has improved and the lyrics is something he can relate to. About being in a relationship but falling for someone else.

  2. *Chilam felt like he didn't know how to sing when working on this song maybe 舒文 has very high expectations.

  3. To sport3888:

    Personally think that most of Chi Lam's songs since his return have been quite good.

    Aside from emotional interpretation, also find that his vocals have improved over the years. :)

  4. Love this song and hard to believe that he is actually 40 years old