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Saturday, December 3, 2011

"Prominent Family" @ TVB Sales Presentation 2012

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Personal Note: I've mentioned this in my Weibo post, but I must say it again! The dialogue is quite powerful in here! Love the dialogue between Damian and Ma Ming (i.e., "If you were not my son, you are nothing"; "If I were not your son, I can be anything"), as well as Tavia's line (i.e., "If you marry another [woman], I will squander away all your wealth").

The wedding scene is quite similar to the one in "The Bund"....

*Credits to http://kingsir.hk/


  1. the wedding scene is like the bund lol. I always wanted Kenneth to play a "ding lik" like character, Hui Man Keung is lame lol.

    i just wish Nancy were playing Fala's part instead of Rebecca. :-/

  2. i am soo dissapointed that rebecca is replacing fala. i was looking forward to the fala and kenneth/ron pairing. yeah i really liked the father and son dialogue but i thought ma ming's english would be like amazing since he like lived in canada for like 17 years....

  3. To bbfreak:

    I don't know.... Maybe it's because I prefer Chow Yun Fat.... ;)

    Too bad Nancy's already confirmed for "Eunuch"....

    To Anonymous:

    Ma Ming only went to Canada for his college education.

  4. Before I wasn't very into the cast. However with the budget they put into this one and location filming plus the sales clip was well done. Now it's gotten me waiting for it to be released!

  5. The sales presentation looks really good - but they always do... My worry is that it's just going to be another family feud drama with a lot of theatrics. Fortunately, it's Damian as the patriarch since he always brings a more serious air to these dramas. But he will predictably die midways/towards the end so the family can fight over the assets.

  6. The sales presentation is way better than Triumph sales presentation!

    This made me optimistic about this series. It looks intriguing and intense. The premise is looking great but it's a pity that Rebecca is the one replacing Fala and not Nancy or Selena.

  7. The dialogues for Prominent are intense and strong, but the dialogues for Triumph are cheesy!

  8. @hyn5: So this is what you were saying on your Weibo post! I didn't get it before about the dialogue but I know what you mean now! Damian and MM's dialogue is indeed powerful!

    I love Tavia's Chinese opera look! Hen you ba qi!

    Does that empty spot beside Damian belong to Idy?

    @Advo: Mary Jeh said on her Weibo that PF is not about

  9. @Advo: IDK, but Mary Jeh said on her Weibo that PF is not about fighting over family assets. I hope she's right!

  10. I like Tavia's opera look too! Hope there will be a number of those scenes. ^^

    Is Idy the one smoking at the end?

  11. @Hyn5

    No... He lived there until after university before going to hong kong...

  12. To Guru:

    The empty spot should be reserved for Idy.

    To Pearl:

    Idy didn't film the clip, but the mysterious woman is most likely supposed to represent her.

    To Anonymous:

    Ma Ming only lived in Canada during his post-secondary education. After graduating, he returned to HK.

  13. Oooh, Idy playing that the wife who is probably drug / smoking addict due to some hidden reason that perhaps will surface later on in the drama ... ?? it'd be cool if it is something like that.. I am not familiar with Idy Chan ... but her role in Catch Me Now was kind of boring LOL