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Sunday, December 4, 2011

"War and Beauty II" @ TVB Sales Presentation 2012

AOD Cut Version

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Personal Note: Really liked this Sales clip...definitely nicely done in terms of the dialogue, the scenes, and the makeup. :)

As screenwriter Chow Yuk Ming said, this series is definitely not a direct continuation of "War and Beauty", and it is also not a new story....

Did not expect Moses to be the actual Master Sun (i.e., Bowie's character)....

*Credits to http://kingsir.hk/ and HKLOVE.org


  1. I agree! Everything was good about this clip! Why did the AOD version cut the kissing part out?

    I know that this is only the sales clip and that nothing is confirmed but I hope that they keep Sheren and Ada's relationship!

  2. @Guru same here! I also hope they keep the relationship.Les relationship weren't really mentioned in ancient history compared to the gay relationship of certain important figures. It'd be interesting how things turn out. Well...I just how they don't make Sheren and Ada kill/betray each other in the end. Especially since TVB's scriptwriters tend to put LGBT in bad light with their homophobic scripts <.<

  3. I really liked this clip! Loved Astrid's voice! When they first announced that they would be filming a sequel I was afraid how they would continue the story. This is definitely a refreshing way to continue but change it up a bit.I really want to see this cast film the actual drama plus Charmaine. I'm curious to see the parallelism that they will draw from the original.

  4. agree! This way of continuing will make part1 the story within a story! Very smart, and yes I'd also like to see how the "real characters" compare to the "story" characters of WAB1.
    But the only bad part is that the original cast can't return =/ If the entire cast can return then it'd be even more interesting!

  5. Didn't watch all clips yet. But this clip is definitely done the best. I love the idea that the story in WAB is actually a story that Master Sun created to entertain Astrid's character when he was bored. It fits perfectly that it is actually based on real characters in the palace, making it possible for some characters to appear in the sequel too (but with a complete different personality than the characters in Master Sun's story). Hehe, very refreshing and creative to make the sequel this way.

    As Astrid says: "Indeed, there wouldn't be that many politics around us in real life. People like us (referring to concubines) are not supposed to have love and hope", it is kind of sarcastic shout towards all the dramas with palace concubines fights as theme (made after WAB). It seems like the producer wants to say "there wouldn't be politics, concubines fighting, dramatic things in the palace, it's just a story a bored palace worker made up."

    Astrid then continues with: "But the desires are still there, because we are just humans", showing the shot of Sheren and Ada in bed, which gives off a new direction for the sequel. Because there may not be that many fightings between concubines etc., but the hidden relationships between a maid and her master is not visible for the world.

  6. Best clip!

    I was a little iffy about a remake of WAB since sequels can't match up to the original. But, this might be an exception. It's a story within a story. Nice!

  7. It's a good clip! I'm anticipating this series too. Can see the effort made in producing the clip unlike the random scenes put together clip of Triumph!

  8. To Guru:

    There may be some broadcast restrictions in Malaysia.

  9. Malaysia is very strict against homosexual relationships and even straight relationships in public to a certain extent! They are well known to cut and censor things related to LGBT. Example would be Lady Gaga's recent song Born This Way which was edited.

  10. this is definetely an interesting perspective for WAB2 .. i love what some of you had interpreted as well in terms of what astrid said

    though i think i am the only one know found the music to make it difficult to hear the words... and instead found it very messy to listen to.

    still..the idea of Moses being the real Suen Dai Yan is awesome...his world of fictional stuff... which allows for the reason to have WAB2!
    So I wonder if Sheren actually knows of Moses then?

    Definetely look forward to the relationship btwn Sheren and Ada~ Bringing out the idea of loyalty in maids etc...

    btw has Astrid done ancient dramas before? for some reason i feel she is kind of out of place ... haha

  11. To JingMui:

    Astrid was in one of the stories in "The Hitman Chronicles". :)

  12. oh wow~ hey..i've never seen this drama before. is it any good hyn?

  13. Chik Kei Yi's production is usually more towards artistic than the generic type. However, I doubt that WAB 2 will be as successful as WAB if the story is just like this. Even though it is quite meaningful in its own sense, it lacks the intensity that make people craving for more and more, especially in the market of HK housewives who are not that patient with something that requires deeper thought.

  14. @JingMui: I thought Astrid was fine. Loved her narration. Perhaps we're used to seeing her in modern series since she was only in "The Hitman Chronicles."

    I thought "The Hitman Chronicles" was a little boring when I watched it. But, compare it to TVB ancient series nowadays, it's a lot better, lol There are different stories about each assassin, so you might be interested in that. I enjoyed it overall. TVB rarely does those type of series.

  15. I think this is actually a prequel? Moses will actually act as Bowie's character father when he was young and when Ru fei was just Ru gui ren.

  16. the story hadn't written yet, so we dont know if it gonna be the same or not