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Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Acts of Gods" Episode 1

Part A

Part B

Part C

Part D








《Christmas Is Here》

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Personal Note: Glad to see FLS back!

The 'magic' segment was hilarious because it was so stupid! Ha ha.... :D

Johnson's imitation of William So's "That Somebody" was quite good in the beginning, but he didn't really sound like him near the end.

Instead of airing live broadcasts of camera streams from places all around the world (i.e., "Earth Live"), "Nose Live" focuses on artistes' noses; this episode featured Ma Ming's nose. He he.... :P I can also see Michael Tse's nose when all of the noses were scanned. ;)

Louis as Deanie Ip and Johnson as Andy Lau in the trailer of "A Simple Life" was quite funny! Can't wait to watch the movie!

Cho Lam didn't sound like Chan Wing Yip during "The Green Room" segment; however, his gestures and facial expressions were quite spot-on. :D

Already saw a preview of Cho Lam singing "Super Stupid" like Liza Wang on "What the Face"....

"Sat in the City" has become "Toi Story"...hilarious as usual! :D Particularly liked the "Ah Man" reference.... :D

Louis didn't sound like Crowd Lu when he sang "I Love You", but thought that his singing was quite good there...probably his best performance yet! :D

Funny how Johnson sang happy Christmas songs in Dave Wang's crying voice! :D

Actually thought that Oscar Leung's team performed better....

The singing performances by William Chan and Boy'z were a waste of time.... o_O'


  1. Thanks for posting hyn5! FLS is very funny! My favorite part was the magic segment! It was so funny that I watched that part twice! Do you know how many episodes will there be?

  2. To Guru:

    There will be four episodes.