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Saturday, December 3, 2011

"Triumph in the Skies II" @ TVB Sales Presentation 2012

Personal Note: Of the clips that I had watched a couple weeks ago, this one was the most disappointing. Still think that this clip definitely could have been done with much more sincerity...so choppy and incoherent! 囧!

The dialogue was so cheesy.... Ron and Rebecca's dialogue was basically an airplane version of Kingley and Sai Lei Mui's equation metaphor.... 囧!

Still do not want this to get filmed....

*Credits to http://kingsir.hk/ and HKLOVE.org


  1. This reminds of the American "Valentine's Day." I guess this is what you get when you have too many fadans and siu sangs in the same series. Multiple love stories!

    TVB is typecasting Kate as a sex appeal again. I hope she doesn't go down that path.

  2. oh gosh...all of the dialogue is cheesy, not just ron and rebecca...

  3. everything's cheesy... it doesn't look like a professional drama... just a bunch of ppl in pilot uniforms walking around in an airport and then standing on top of a rooftop.... with cheesy lines and like every couple is paired up. no anticipation at all. don't ruin such a good drama if they can't make one as good as the first one.

    if tvb can't get cathay pacific as a sponsor - don't even bother making this. it's just gonna be a love story set at the airport... nothing even to do with planes.

    myolie in a wheelchair is just plain stupid as well.

  4. This looks awful. There wasn't even a coherent storyline in there? It shows that they don't have the script ready.

  5. It's bad. The clip has a lot of stars but has ZERO storyline and only random couple scenes put together in a very amateur looking clip. Now I hope they don't make the series since they don't even bother making a decent sales presentation. The sales clip for Prominent is way better.

  6. This looks more like a commercial..

    Man.. I'm still hoping that TITS2 "will die in the womb".

  7. @Anonymous: "Man.. I'm still hoping that TITS2 "will die in the womb"." I agree with you!

    Did Myolie say "forget" or "forgot"? Her pronunciation sounds a tad weird.

  8. The storyline of this clip is so cheezy, is there in first place a storyline? There's absolutely no cohesion of the story between the different couples. Just like a random mix up.

    Rebecca only said one line, but she doesn't give me a good impression of her acting. Hope she won't spoil Prominent Family for me.

    to Guru: I think she said "forgot".

  9. I really like the background music , anyone know what the name is??