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Friday, November 20, 2009

TVB 42nd Anniversary Gala

TVB 42 繼續創造 繼續 Good Show!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Bernice Liu, Fala Chen, Nancy Wu, Vivien Yeo, Yoyo Chen, Janet Chow, Grace Wong, Samantha Ko, Sire Ma, Kayi Cheung, Christine Kuo, Michael Tse, Bosco Wong, Ron Ng, Patrick Tang, Stephen Huynh, Benjamin Yuen, Jack Hui, Joey Law, Timmy Hung, Lai Lok Yi, and Carlo Ng

hyn5: Bernice was awesome! I love watching her dance! :) I found Fala's dance moves very weird. Plus, she sings very 'breathy'. Also, she didn't sing 得 at 17:33 (part 1)...lazy sounds! Vivien Yeo can't dance! She looks so bad when she tries. Grace was also awesome! She had a better solo, too, compared to the other ones in her group.

Nancy was very good considering she only rehearsed for not more than two days...Perfect Marks Dancing Queen! :) Michael and Bosco danced to "War of the Genders"! Bosco's dancing reminds me of William Chan, and it is not in a good way either! Ron was wearing a pair of yellow pants! He he.... I like how Timmy was lip-syncing to Matthew Ko's voice at 21:36 (part 1). In previous clips, Matthew did rehearse for this event, but somehow he ended up in the drum one.


Michelle Yim, Susanna Kwan, Angela Tong, Sharon Chan, Sharon Luk, Sarah Song, Macy Chan, Leanne Li, Sherry Chen, Skye Chan, Joyce Cheng, Natalie Tong, Oceane Zhu, and Charmaine Li

hyn5: I think Michelle and Susanna did a great job at the spears, especially since Michelle only rehearsed for one day, and a few hours rehearsing with Susanna. Susanna has never done this in the past before, but she looked like a professional at spinning the spear! Her kicks can use improvement, but she was spinning the spear way faster than Michelle. :D Angela also surprised me! When she did "Strictly Come Dancing II" last year, she did not know how to do the splits. Not only did she do the splits this time, but she also did two cartwheels, a jump kick, and round kicks...very impressive! :)


Steven Ma, Kenneth Ma, Charmaine Sheh, Kevin Cheng, Shek Sau, Patrick Dunn, Kiki Sheung, Chan Hung Lit, Linda Chung, Shirley Yeung, Aimee Chan, Susan Tse, Ching Ho Wai, Suet Nei, and Lee Heung Kam

My Girl
Stupid Cupid
I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing

hyn5: My favourite part of this year's anniversary at 4:40 (part 2). I am very happy to see Steven with Charmaine! Glad TVB did not put their rumoured couples on the stage this time. :) Steven and Ma Ming were very into character! They were moving with the music and very into playing their instruments although they were only pretending to play. :D I'm trying not to be biased, but Kevin Cheng was off beat, and he didn't seem as enthusiastic compared to Steven and Ma Ming! Too bad Joe Ma wasn't in this because it would have been awesome to see big, medium, and small Ma together! Plus, Joe sang "My Girl" in "Vigilante Force". :) It is not surprising that Shek Sau, Kiki, and Patrick were good because they are basically professionals! Shek Sau used to be a singer, and we know that Kiki can sing! :) I was so not expecting Chan Hung Lit's singing voice to be like that...very entertaining! Linda sounds way better singing English songs! :) The '70s is very suitable for Shirley! She danced better than Linda and Aimee. For some reason, Aimee was not clear singing her part. The three 'oldies' were super funny! I've never seen the cutie side of Ching Ho Wai before...even Amigo said that she was cuter than Shirley! Ha ha.... :D Sammy Leung was calling for an encore! Hilarious!

"I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. I'd like to hold it in my arms and keep it company!" Lee Heung Kam did mention that she only knows 24 of the 26 letters of the alphabet. She must have practiced for a long time for these two lines. Good job! :D

FYI: "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony) originated from the Coca-Cola commercial jingle "Buy the World a Coke" in the '70s.


Wong Cho Lam, Louis Yuen, and Johnson Lee

hyn5: Cho Lam, Louis, and Johnson were not as good this year compared to the last two year's performance, especially their singing imitations! They were better at imitating the judges' voice, especially Louis as Mark Lui! "Happy birthday to you!" Making fun of Mark plagiarizing songs...super funny! Ha ha.... I really did not like Johnson's imitation of Chow Chung...he didn't even sing! I don't know why he was arranged to go last.


Jack Wu, Ben Wong, Vin Choi, Joel Chan, Tsui Wing, Dexter Yeung, Raymond Chiu, Jim Tang, Oscar Leung, Jason Chan, Charles Szeto, Matthew Ko, Evergreen Mak, Raymond Cho, Ngo Ka Nin, Wayne Lai, Moses Chan, Derek Kwok, Stephen Wong, and Sheren Tang

hyn5: The guys were very in sync with the drumming...very powerful! I really like how Moses and Wayne jumped sideways. Moses looked very cute! He he.... I wonder why Stephen Wong was placed so high and played right alongside Wayne, Moses, and Derek? He probably knows how to drum. :) Sheren did a good job drumming; however, I couldn't help but laugh when she was shouting. He he.... :D


Ngo Ka Nin, Grace Wong, Steven Ma, Fala Chen, Nancy Wu, Skye Chan, Lorretta Chow, Sheren Tang, and Wayne Lai





hyn5: I know Ka Nin can sing! He sang "Next Year Today" at Tung Wah 2002. He and Grace sang very sweetly. :) I really don't like Fala's expression when she sings. She can't hit the end note, so she stretches the last character, but that just 'stretches' her facial features...a not-so-pleasant face.


Wu Fung, Christine Ng, Angela Tong, Eric Tsang, Sammy Leung, Chin Ka Lok, Moses Chan, Timmy Hung, Wong Cho Lam, Louis Yuen, Bosco Wong, Sonija Kwok, Koni Lui, Samantha Ko, Susanna Kwan, and Lee Heung Kam

hyn5: This skit was horrible! I believe this is the worst skit in TVB's history! Luckily, Myolie wasn't in here. She was supposed to play the girl in the TV with Bosco. She somehow pulled out and was replaced with Sonija. Sonija got 'milked' for no reason.

Overall, I really enjoyed this year's TVB anniversary! :)

FYI: The gala averaged 37 points, and peaked at 39 points.

*Credits to youku and tudou


  1. lit gor's singing voice was too funny... i also cant believe that was him... kiki jie as well... i was like whoa...
    ching ho wai was so pudgy and cute... i wanted to give her a hug...
    kam jie was so powerful... loved the song...

    agree with the imitation act... i loved the "judging" part though... cho lam & louis' cracked me up..!

    omm, i loved how moses had a little slant in his jump!!! that was so cute!!! it just seemed so apparent since he has long legs... kekeke... ^0^
    sheren screeching... haha!!!

    was that the reason "miss five five" (lol) let out that cry when bosco & sonija appeared..? i was like "what the..?" :/

  2. i really like steven and charmaine, i miss this couple, they have not work with each other for so long. i thought tvb was going to play the rumour couple thing with charvin in the middle thus this took me by surprise and i love it.

    and i just feel so sorry for sonija, the whole pouring thing is just a little too much

  3. Ma Ming looked zone out, while Steven was fraglantly flirting shamelessly with 'his girl' who just played coy with him..excellent chemistry,those two; as for Kevin..was he trying to act cool or he was just "out of it"? Anyway, the whole crossover was very enjoyable to watch and the ladies' performance only stretched my enjoyment further. Kam Jie was a hoot! And Susan Tse stole the limelight for the youngens. Definitely Crossover was the highlight for me. I thought Steven sang very well too in his duet.
    But can't understand why Sonija did not get took off when milk was dumped on her. So submissive. That pathetic skit spoiled the show for me.

  4. The show this year was thouroughly enjoyable, minus the retarded skit with Eric Tsang and them.

  5. To mare:

    Chan Hung Lit received many applause when people heard his voice. So wasn't expecting that! Funny!

    Totally agree! Ching Ho Wai was so lovable! *hugs hugs! :D

    Kiki sang English songs in "I Have a Date With Spring", so I knew she wasn't going to disappoint. :)

    I don't know why Cho Lam was imitating Frances Yip because the judge on "The Voice" is Elisa Chan. But, he was still funny imitating Frances singing "Shanghai Beach". Ha ha.... ;P

    And Moses was super cute when he jumped sideways!!! Like you said, he's legs are just too long. So cute! :D

    I guess Miss 5 was not expecting to see Sonija with Bosco. As she was expecting to see Myolie. :) He he....

    To chuchu:

    Not only did Eric prank her, but Chin Ka Lok was the one that helped out. Ka Lok poured like two bottles of milk on her.

    To Anonymous:

    To me, Ching Ho Wai stole the limelight away from Susan. Susan was good, but I was not expecting Ching Ho Wai to be so cute! :)

    As for Kevin Cheng, it seemed as if he wasn't as familiar with the dance steps compared to Ma Ming and Steven. He wasn't moving his hips like them. Ma Ming and Steven were very into it. :)

    To cx839:

    Couldn't have agreed more! :D

  6. I agree with most of hyn's comments. My favourite parts of the show would be 驚喜合唱Crossover and 閃耀熱舞潮人館. The singing and dancing in both of them were great and entertaining :) I liked the songs they danced to in the beginning and changing of costumes.

    I was so happy to see Charmaine paired with Steven Ma! They make a good on-screen couple. I rather see them together (compared to Steven-Fala or Charmaine-Kevin). The crossover was refreshing and funny at parts too! Kenneth and Steven were well into their characters :P

    The Wong Cho Lam,Louis Yuen and Johnson Lee part was pretty funny, the imitations were awesome. But it wasn't good as the past two years though. And yes, the skit was horrible, so out of order and not very funny.

    In general, this year's anniversary was quite good and I enjoyed watching most of it =]

  7. any reason why tavia yeung was not present at the gala? if she was, why didn't she preform????

  8. To Anonymous:

    Yes, Tavia came out in the intro with all of the people in ancient costume. She wore her ancient costume throughout the entire show. She even wore it playing the passing game.

  9. Haha, I have bad eyes, and game show?!! I need to re-watch it then. She didn't preform, as in sing or dance?

  10. does anyone know what the songs are called when the girls and guys were singing in part one(the one with bernice, michael tse.e.t.c)

  11. To Anonymous:

    Sorry for the late reply, you probably already know re-watched it by now. No, Tavia did not sing or dance.

    It would really help if you select 'Name/URL' instead of 'Anonymous'. By selecting 'Name/URL', you can use your online name. :) Sometimes, I do not know who I am replying to here. Thank you!

    To Anonymous:

    Songs in order in that segment:

    Joey Yung's 美麗在望
    Jenny Tseng's 愛定你一個
    Elisa Chan's 今晚夜
    Dayo Wong's 藍天 (War of Genders)
    Dicky Cheung's 真真假假 (Mystery of the Twin Swords)
    Ronald Cheng's 猛龍特警隊 (There were many versions to this, but Ronald's was the newest of them all.)
    Gallen Lo, Francis Ng, Jessica Hsuan & Maggie Cheung 難兄難弟 (Old Time Buddy)

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