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Sunday, November 29, 2009

《談情說案》 "The Mysteries of Love" @ TVB Sales Presentation 2010



The official English title of 《談情說案》 is "The Mysteries of Love".

The main purpose of Sales Presentation clips is to attract sponsors, so it makes perfect sense to show many Raymond scenes.

Personal Note: OMG!!!! I almost died!!! :D I had to miss the last half of "The Simpsons" to watch this Sales clip! So good! Fungyi fans, prepare yourselves!!!! :) Tavia is super cute!!! Ma Ming is super hot!!! Bernice's bare back scene!!! Wow!!!

*Credits to 雪子Yuki @ 林峯吧 and HKLOVE.org


  1. I love the sales presentation so much!! My most anticipated series! Tavia looks adorable...Kenneth and his girls, lol...Raymond explaining about love, haha. ^ _ ^
    Tavia and Bernice looks so pretty. Gosh I hope some of the audience don't complain about Bernice's back scene...(like what happen to Fala)

    What do you think of the new title, Ivy? I think it sounds kind of cute...but somehow prefer SWSTC, probably cause I'm use to it now.

  2. it just doesnt get any better than that, i love this series because im huge fungyi fan, this is like a dream come true for me. tavia is so cute especially when she drop her head on raymond's arm,lol.

  3. ya i agree bernice and tavia r so pretty....yeh i cant wait for the show...i wanna watch d...bernice and tavia rox....love them forever....

  4. wow i finish though that this series is just gonna be one of those series that tvb make just to full up there schedule but no it look really good. there seem to be a lot of science, chemistry and biology in this. i am really looking forward to this seires. and i love all the cast. im okie with tvb pairing raymond wit anybody cuz they will always end up as a good couple. wow bernice. Wow. she's super sexy. i love her smile. cnt wait for this........ps: did anybody notice the sence at 00:46 with the two people in the big container. very creepy. but this is what makes it intresting. it seem like tvb is making more risk doing that.

  5. haha ma ming huv a lot of kissing scene w/ lots of gl......dat gud.....love ma ming and bernice pair

  6. I watched this trailer on youtube over and over that I even lost count!!! I love FungYi and KB!!! hehehe I have a feeling that this series may do pretty well!!! I can't wait!!!

    loving Tavia's nickname being "Sai Li Mui"!!

  7. To dvd:

    I think the Fala's bra scene in "A Stew of Life" is different compared to Bernice's back scene. The Fala scene came out of nowhere. I don't think HK audience will make that big of deal out of it. The media didn't even cap Bernice's back. They got the one with Kate and Laughing "sex" scene and also got the Linda one.

    As for the title, just like you, I was getting used to "Shall We State the Case". I was actually expecting "The Physics of Love". :)

    To adelinehky:

    Totally agree! :D

    To An Pham:

    I love case solving series! They are my absolute fav. of all time! Hopefully, the cases won't be too stupid. :)

    Yeah, I was wondering about that container part. It's probably some sort of illegal experimenting.

    To Anonymous:

    Yeah, I love them too! :D

    To sandalls:

    I, too have watched the clip like a billion times! Although I am not a fan of FungYi, I would not doubt their chemistry for one second. :) Absolutely love Ma Ming and Bernice! :D

  8. To sugar:

    "WOW" is correct! :D I am very much looking forward to this. He he.... :D

  9. omg i cannot wait for this! when is it coming out? i hope it wont be too long! haha..i see bernice got her nose to nose kiss! lol..so cute!

  10. Yeah that's true. Bernice's back shouldn't be that big of a deal since Fala's, Linda's, and Kate's articles already talked about things like that.

    haha! The Physics of Love...pretty similar. There's a lot of tvb series with X of love, huh? Or just something with the word 'love' in general. lol ^ o ^

  11. To bbfreak:

    There should be more of those nose to nose kisses! Ha ha.... :P

    To dvd:

    TVB loves using it in the Chinese title as well. It's always XX情緣. :D

  12. I am super excited about this show. Does anyone know when it will air?
    Everyone seems to be very different which is nice because it's refreshing. I've never seen Tav as a cop, and Ray is so serious that it's hot. It suits him. I haven't seen him in a serious role in a long time. And Ma Ming as a playboy? that i have to see. He seems so down to earth in real life that it's hard to picture him as a playboy. Too bad Bernice is only a guest star in the series, I think the four of them as leads would be very interesting to watch.
    I can't wait!

  13. I haven't seen Bernice in any TVB series for so long, so I'm anticipating this drama! I love Ray, Tavia, Bernice and Kenneth. :)

  14. To Anonymous:

    I'm guessing "Iron Horse Seeking Bridge" will air before this. For some reason, I think "Iron" will air in March sometime, but don't take my word for it.

    Like I said before, this is my most anticipated series for 2010. I really can't wait for it air!!! :D

  15. the only drama that i really really look forward to, soo cant wait...FungYi look so cute and Ma Ming and Bernice are both like hot as

  16. Can't wait to watch this! Tavia's character seems really cute and yay for FUNGYI! It's been awhile to see them as couples and BerKen too! I wonder if Bernice and Kenneth will have a happy ending? It seems like not; that kinda sucks cause I want a double happy ending haha..I personally think Raymond's hair doesn't look as bad as in pictures. Most anticipated series for me or might as well be called the only series I'm anticipating haha..

    The cases looks tacky and very 'strange', especially that alien container scene. And there's so much bombing! I hope the cases aren't going to be disappointing because I'm looking forward to that, too. The scarier, the better (imo)!

  17. To mango:

    I'm pretty sure Ma Ming and Bernice end up in here. This should be their ending scene. http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com/2009/10/kenneth-ma-bernice-liu-kiss.html :D

    I really hope the cases are not "tacky" because that I really don't like it when they "dumb down" the cases.

  18. Oh I thought that was the scene where he was drunk or something with the other girl, on the streets. He was wearing a similar looking shirt. Didn't know that was the ending scene, haha...maybe cause I was expecting Bernice to show up for the grand finale at the FungYi proposal scene with Kenneth cause that's what TVB usually does. Heh.

    I don't know; that's what it came across at first. I hope not too because I have never seen LKH with a mystery/cop kind of series before. At least, not really so kind of 'unsure' about it but rewatching it numerous times, gains more confidence in the cases. Yes, don't dumb down the cases because I feel like, lately, I was able to predict who the murderers are in cop dramas. Well...DIE, at least; some cases only. I love mystery suspenses :) Can't wait to watch this, nevertheless!

  19. ahh can't wait to see this
    i love mystery series and the fungyi pairing so much.
    and lol kenneth's got so many girls in this series, lucky