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Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Shall We State the Case" @ 《TVB Weekly》 Issue 647 (Sales Presentation 2010)



Rational and Emotional; Twists and Turns of Mysterious Happenings

Cast: Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Kenneth Ma, Bernice Liu, Astrid Chan, Evergreen Mak, Lee Kwok Lun, Mary Hon, Law Lok Lam, and Lee Sing Cheung.

In the new series "Shall We State the Case", Tavia plays a female police officer. She expressed that wearing the police uniform is very imposing. She said, "When wearing the police uniform, I have to raise my chest and suck in my abdomen, and you must have a fit body shape in order to look nice in it. The end result looks very heroic bearing". Also, in the series, she will be paired up with Raymond Lam, but Tavia laughingly said that they are not afraid of rumours spreading.

Kenneth Ma will take on the role as a player cop. In the series, he will have many girlfriends, and one will be the guest-starring Lisa S., and he will have many kiss scenes with Bernice Liu. Kenneth said, "This [character] is this year's best character. In order to take on the kiss scenes, I will bring a toothbrush and gum to work every day".


Everything can be explained through rationality and logic, but love is actually an exception! A professor meets a female police officer. They launch a rational and emotional romantic love story. In the middle of this, unusual cases that need to be solved through the physics point of view are also included. This adds to the series' interests to capture the audience.


King Bok is labelled as the youngest talented physicist. He is hired to return to Hong Kong to become an assistant professor. Also, his good friend, Senior Inspector of Police Lo Ting Hang, invites him to help the police to solve mysterious cases through scientific analysis. He then meets police officer Tsui Siu Lai. King Bok is from a rich family, is rational, and is logical. Siu Lai is from a lower class family, is emotional, and counts on intuition. Two different people from different worlds. If they fall in love, they must withstand the test....

On the other hand, the promiscuous and uninhibited Tin Hang and old classmate Ling Man Ka maintained a purely sexual relationship. Later, Man Ka realizes that she has fallen in love with Tin Hang, but understands that they will not have a future together. Thus, she leaves Hong Kong. One day, Tin Hang runs into Man Ka, and finds out that she will be getting married with her boyfriend. Suddenly, Tin Hang realizes that he does not want to lose her....

Caption 1: Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung, who play police officers in the series, will work together to solve mysterious cases.

Caption 2: In real life, Tavia Yeung's mother has always wanted her to become a female police officer. Tavia can finally fulfill her mother's wish by playing a police officer in this series.

Caption 3: It is all thanks to Jazz Lam that Tavia Yeung and Raymond Lam are able to date in the series.

Caption 4: Raymond Lam will play a physicist. Before filming, he did some preparation work and memorized many physics terminology.

Personal Note: Please respect my decision as I do not want this specific translation to be reposted on other sites. :) I will not be translating the other series in the Sales Presentation.

Back to the series, I did not know that Bernice's character had a boyfriend other than Ma Ming in here! That just makes their relationship even more interesting to watch. I can't wait! :D

The plot reminds me of "NUMB3RS". :) A very good show! Ha ha....

*Credits to tavia.org

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