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Monday, November 16, 2009

Kenneth Ma Loves TVB and Myolie Wu

Kenneth Ma
I Love TVB


"As a member of TVB's big family, other than wishing happy birthday to TVB, I also have to say, 'I Love You!' This phrase is also written for Myolie Wu who is writing her wishes to TVB beside me. I saw her, so I couldn't resist. This phrase is written from my heart. Ha ha!"

Personal Note: Ma Ming wrote this on October 19th during the Light Switching Ceremony. He and Myolie were writing their wishes to TVB in the back of Kevin Cheng's clip. (The only reason why we clicked in his blog is because we noticed that Ma Ming was in the back of other people's clips.) Anyway, we watched the clip a billion times trying to figure out what they were doing. At first, we thought they were writing down the movements for the opening during the Light Switching Ceremony. Someone hands Ma Ming a piece of paper to write down his birthday wishes for TVB. That person then calls Myolie over to write her wishes down beside Ma Ming. Ma Ming then takes his piece of paper and walks out of the screen with the photographer. (He probably was getting his picture taken for TVB Weekly.) Myolie is still writing her wishes for TVB. As Myolie was about to walk out of the screen, Ma Ming comes running back and calls for her. He says something to her, and Myolie and the photographer leave with a smile on their faces.

Myolie's birthday wish to TVB.

I am super happy that we actually get an answer to what Ma Ming was doing! And the answer simply is that Ma Ming is just too cute!!!! :D He really does say 'I love you' to Myolie all the time. :) Not only does he say it on variety shows and radio interviews, but he also writes it on paper! ;P Myolie once mentioned on Cha Siu Yan's radio show that Ma Ming always says 'I love you' to her in the makeup room. :) Such a sweet talker! Even Selena said that all the girls are very happy when he flatters them! Ha ha.... :D

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*Credits to a Damian Lau fan and www.myoliewu.org

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