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Friday, November 6, 2009

'09 Anniversary Time II

Lifetime Achievement Award
My Guess: Yu Mo Lin

After servicing TVB for 30 years, Yu Mo Lin will most likely be honoured with this award. In recent years, TVB has been casting her in different roles other than playing a cleaning lady. Yu Mo Lin is not a small actor, but rather a big character in TVB's 30 years of playing minor roles. :)

Since Lee Tim Sing will not be retiring this year, I don't think TVB will honour him with this award just yet. :)

Best Supporting Actor
My Choice: Michael Tse


As Karena Lam described last year, "A 'Best Supporting Actor' is like being a thief. Your job is to steal as many scenes as possible". That is exactly what Michael did in "E.U." Michael successfully 'stole' the show with his performance as Laughing. He was so big that fans made a Facebook page to pay respects to him when Laughing died, the 1997 five dollar coin was later worth $80+ HKD per coin, and he was so big that TVB and Shaw Brothers made Laughing's prequel with the movie "Turning Point". The movie grossed a total of 16,000,000, and it was this summer's number one Chinese movie at the box office. Michael is definitely taking home the award for 'Best Supporting Actor'. :)

Best Supporting Actress
My Choice: Susan Tse


The other purpose of a supporting cast member is to support the leading characters. As the saying goes, "牡丹雖好,還需綠葉扶持", which means that "even one person with great abilities cannot succeed without the abilities of others for support". The position of a supporting actor or actress is to 'know one's place'. They know their position in a series, and they do their job as an actor or actress. Susan's performance as First Wife in "Rosy Business" is just too outstanding. Her words and actions were very profound. And her eyes were really fierce! A very deserving actress to win the title of 'Best Supporting Actress'. :)

FYI: Susan Tse actually re-joined TVB in 2007 when she did that stage performance with Steven Ma, Sonija Kwok, Michael Tse, and Dexter Yeung. One time, she saw Lee Tim Sing, and she asked him if there was a suitable role for her such that he should consider casting her in his series. When Lee Tim Sing was casting for "Rosy Business" in 2008, he first thought of Susan to play the role of First Wife. Thus, he asked TVB to contact her. Susan is an great actress; it's just that no one watched her while she was in ATV.


  1. im so happy u also supports susan...i love her acting...expecially in Beyond...but sad dat she died on ep 14...can u tell me what stage she was in in 2007....can't wait for ur anniversary III...byw..also sad dat selena didnt get nominate for the improve...i remember last year..a lots people were support for her...

  2. cant agree more with your 'supporting' choices
    i tot Yu Mo Lin already got that award last yr...i cant remem-_- but somehow i keep thinking she got it...

  3. no..last year i think paul chun got dat award....

  4. Yes, Paul Chun was honoured with the 'Lifetime Achievement Award' because he was in the film biz for 60 years (now 61 years). Paul Gor was filming since 3 years old. He is now 64 years old. :)

  5. I really liked Michael in EU and he definitely stole the show from the younger leads. Sammul's character in particular kinda faded into the background for me while Ron's character tried to stay relevant. Unfortunately, Francis, Felix and Anthony - but especially Francis (so cute with his sister!), stole the spotlight from Michael in the movie. I like Michael though, so it's only good that TVB will give him chances based on the success of his character in EU.