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Saturday, November 7, 2009

'09 Anniversary Time III

Most Improved Male Artiste
My Choice: Ngo Ka Nin


I didn't understand why TVB didn't promote Ka Nin after "Love is Beautiful" because the series received high ratings in 2002. I think Ka Nin did a good job playing the spoiled prince. Instead, TVB promoted David Do and Mat Yeung. Well, I think Ka Nin has a lot of potential, not only in acting and hosting, but he also has a great voice for singing. I remember him singing Eason Chan's "Next Year Today" on Tung Wah Charity Show 2002. He was the tenth karaoke star. :)

Anyway, Ka Nin has received much more recognition after playing Tseung Bit Man in "Rosy Business". He is certainly winning 'Most Improved Male Artiste', as he will have a heavier role in "Righteous Sea of Heroic Love" (filming in March 2010).


As for Raymond Wong, I see him more as a second lead (or first lead because he was practically main in "Sweetness in the Salt"). Thus, to me, he is a little overqualified to be in this category. :)

Most Improved Female Artiste
My Guess: Aimee Chan


If Aimee wins, she will be the only actress/Miss HK winner to win this with three years acting experience without a leading role. (Shirley Yeung and Kate Tsui both won with three years acting experience and with a leading role.) Also, Aimee has four series under her belt, and she plays a female cop in three of them.

There will be no need for that 'if' because Aimee is a Miss HK winner, and she has had executive support ever since her participation in Miss HK 2006. :)

My Choice: Selena Li


However, Selena is not nominated in this category this year. The only reason why Selena is not nominated is because she will not be present at the awards presentation, as she will still be in Toronto continuing her studies. Or maybe her status is too big to be a contender in this category? Sharon Chan is in the same league (siu fa dan) as Selena, and Selena is progressing over Sharon in both speech and in acting. We will have to wait until next year to see if TVB will nominate her for "Iron Horse Seeking Bridge".

Anyway, the bratty rich girl in "Beyond the Realm of Conscience" should be evolving into another person as she will become 賢妃. Stay tuned to "Beyond the Realm of Conscience"! :D

Also, I have always liked Catherine Chau and Rachel Kan. I think they are both very good green leaves. I first noticed Catherine in "In the Realm of Success" as a nerdy OL and Annie Man's sister in "Take My Word for It". Catherine did a great job in "A Bride for a Ride", so it is good to see her nominated. As for Rachel, it would be Miss HK 2000. She was the dark horse contestant that year. However, Rachel should have been nominated in 'Best Supporting Actress' for "Burning Flame III". Great performances from the both of them! :)


  1. i totally remember kanin from "Love is Beautiful"... i think i had a tiny crush then... haha...

    rachel!!! i love her..! XD

  2. Matt Yeung totally wasted the chances (yes, stressing on the 's') TVB gave him.

  3. Yes Sharon and Selena both nominated for many years, while the others won and got out of the list, so I thought they would still be nominated this year too until they win..... but Selena not -_-'

    I don't see Rachel Kan in the list...? I only see Queenie Chu, Koni Lui, Catherine, Sharon, Aimee

  4. Ka Nin was already excellent in "Love Is Beautiful" so I'm really surprised he's only being recognised now. I hope TVB will continue promoting him now then!

    Selena was GORGEOUS in BTROC! Imo, she stole the spotlight from both Charmaine and Tavia - and I like them both! She was such a good bratty girl that turned into a mature, kind woman. It was just such an excellent and subtle transformation, so much better than Tavia's. And so much more interesting than Charmaine's Sam Ho who didn't evolve at all. And I loved her chemistry with Moses - I hoped the whole time that she would survive! It was so heartbreaking when she died - Moses was very good in that scene. I was really disappointed that they didn't give Moses' character a happy ending. I liked his chemistry with Charmaine too, but since TVB is forever propping Charvin, they could at least have given Moses' a happy ending with Selena's character.