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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Joel Chan, Sharon Chan & Kenneth Ma @ TVB Sales Presentation 2010


Agnes: How many carats [do you have on]?
Sharon: 4 million.
Joel: Sawadee ka, not how many carats.
Agnes: Yours are sawadee ka (fakes)!
Joel: No, mine is real!
Agnes: What about you?
Kenneth: I am already holding onto the priceless Sharon!
Sharon, Joel & Agnes: Wah!
Agnes: What about your previous partners? You don't want them anymore?
Kenneth: No, I don't want them anymore. I now want Sharon!
Sharon: Actually, those are fakes.
Kenneth: Those are only smoke screens!
Sharon: I am really going out with him, but nobody believes it.
Joel: Yes, that is why the smoke screen [Nancy Wu] is not here today.
Agnes: What about you?
Sharon: Yes, this is my older brother, and he can be a witness, right?
Joel: Yes, he is the real thing.
Sharon: We've been dating for a long time, but nobody believes it.
Joel: Yes, yes!
Sharon: The reporters don't even write about it.
Joel: Yes, my eyes are wide open, and I'm not blinking!
Kenneth: We are missing a guy to form the letter 嬲, or else it would be perfect.
Sharon: Yes.
Agnes: Okay, besides this, are there any other characters that can attract our sponsors?
Sharon: Yes, there is. Our "Born Rich" is still airing. There are still many spectacular scenes yet to come later in the series.
Kenneth: Yes.
Joel: Okay, your guys' "Born Rich" is airing now, but our sponsors are to buy next year's commercials. So, next year it will have to be our "Queen of the Office", the new sitcom.
Sharon: Oh, that's right.
Agnes: You've changed to become a sales representative!
Joel: That's for sure!
Sharon: I have a series called "Searching for Lasting Love".
Kenneth: I also have a series..."Detective Galileo" ["Shall We State the Case"]!
Joel: I still have another series..."A Pillow Case of Mystery II".
Sharon: So, you've made a lot of money?
Kenneth: I still have a "Beyond the Realm of Conscience II" ["Here Comes the Princess"]!
Agnes: Any uniqueness in the series, so our sponsors can place commercials?
Sharon: There is nothing more to say about TVB's series. It has beautiful people, beautiful scenery, good production, and good acting.
Kenneth: All of the series have its own uniqueness to it.
Joel: Our sitcom is more practical. Things like rice cookers will be very suitable for a family to film [a commercial for]. So, you should find me to film rice cooker commercial.
Sharon: Oh, that's right.
Agnes: You can't fight him for that.
Sharon: Yes, I can't fight him for it.
Kenneth: Wedding [pictures] ones...Sharon and I can fight for!
Sharon: Yes, wedding ones will be very suitable for us! Anything with husband and wife and couples will be suitable for us.
Kenneth: These [commercials] are all for me and Sharon. You can kick Joel out!

Visit Kenneth Ma's TVB blog!

Personal Note: I love how Joel and Sharon are joking, while Ma Ming just has a regular expression on his face! :D Ha ha.... Love him! ;P

*Credits to tvb.com

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