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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kenneth Ma's Recent Upcoming Events


A Ma Ming fan went to his soccer game, and was able to take some pictures and ask him about his recent upcoming events.

- He will be filming the new series "Here Comes the Princess" in mid-December.
- He will be going to Toronto on the 25th [to perform at the Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant].
- He will be Gallen Lo's best man, and will be flying to Beijing for the wedding. This is Ma Ming's first time being a best man. He said that he will not need to speak Mandarin.
- He is not upset with the ratings of "Born Rich" not being as high as expected because it cannot be controlled.
- He said that the series he had released this year, "In the Chamber of Bliss" and "Born Rich", are series where he could learn from Damian Lau and Gallen Lo. He said that it is as if he had gone back to TVB's Acting Class. Whatever he has learned in these two series will be seen in his later series.
- He is very satisfied with the two series, "Iron Horse Seeking Bridge" and "Shall We State the Case", he had filmed this year. He said that the characters will have breakthroughs because they are different compared to the characters he has played in the past. In these two series, his characters are smarter and more mature.
- In "Iron Horse Seeking Bridge", he is like the head of the household.
- Ma Ming does not know whom he will pair up with in "Here Comes the Princess". All he knows is that Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Linda Chung, Fala Chen, and Raymond Wong are in it.
- At the end of the clip, Ma Ming talked about working with different producers this year, such as Lau Ka Ho ["Shall We State the Case"]. He said that he will be working with different producers in the future.

FYI: Ma Ming has worked with all of the producers on Tommy Leung's side. The producers who haven't cast him in series on Catherine Tsang's side are Jonathan Chik Kei Yi, Leung Choi Yuen, Marco Law Wing Yin, and Amy Wong Sam Wai (Ma Ming was only in Amy Wong's "Burning Flame II" and "Slim Chances").

Other TVB artistes seen on the soccer field include Tsui Wing, Cheung Tat Lun, Hui Ming Chi, etc.

Personal Note: Love Ma Ming's fans so much! :) How do they even know he had a soccer game? 犀利! I am really looking forward to his series lined up for next year! I am super happy that he is going to film "Here Comes the Princess" because he will get to work with artistes he doesn't get to work with often, such as Moses, Charmaine, Susanna, etc. Plus, he will get a fresh new pairing with either Linda or Fala. :) I'm guessing that he will pair up with Linda. :D

*Credits to kakapippo9 and koyuki @ 馬國明國際影迷會


  1. amazing how his fans are having their own mini interview session... haha... moses fans should do that more often... :P totally looking forward to "Here Comes the Princess"... more happy funny filming news!!!

  2. Actually, I want Kenneth to pair up with Fala :)

    I'm glad that Kenneth is in the series, he get to work with different cast. Also very pleased that Raymond is confirmed to be in this series too (I was afraid he won't be in Princess due to schedule clash with RB2)

    p.s You think Kenneth will be Susanna's son the series?

  3. it's cool to see that fans can get pictures and a mini interview with him after a soccer game :)

    i'm looking forward to see kenneth's series next year, especially "shall we state the case".

    i'd like to see kenneth pair up with linda as well :D

  4. To mare:

    Ha ha.... Moses' fans from MC Hall already do record many clips. But, I would like to see more in depth clips. :D

    To sehseh:

    I actually want Ma Ming and Linda to pair up because I have a hunch that Raymond and Fala will pair up in here and then continue their romance in RB2. :)

    I wasn't worried about Raymond's schedule clash because RB2 will not start filming until March. I was more worried about him just being in the sales clip.

    From the way Susanna spoke, the person playing her son will definitely be someone she hasn't worked with. It will either be Ma Ming and/or Raymond. I'm guessing Ma Ming will be her son. :D

    To turtle88:

    What fascinates me is that how do they even know he has a game and know the location. Super fans! :)