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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kenneth Ma Wants to Meet Rich Girl and Eat Soft Rice


J2 Clip

Apple Daily Clip

Kenneth Ma and a young actor doing location filming under the blazing sun...not forgetting to find happiness in suffering.

Yesterday, Kenneth Ma was doing location filming at the Central Pier for the new TVB series "36 Hours on Call". The storyline was about him encountering a traffic accident. In order to save a child who was injured from the collision, [he] picked up two bricks from the side of the road, and took off his shirt to wrap around the bricks to stabilize the child's neck. However, Kenneth was very protective of his body; yesterday, he wore a blank undershirt in advance. When asked why he didn't reveal his nipples, he laughingly said that he was worried that no one would want to look. Under the extremely hot weather, Kenneth and a child actor constantly wiped their sweat while filming on the road...extremely labourious. When asked whether he would want to follow Joel Chan and meet a rich girl, Kenneth laughingly said, "I also want to. Would be best to not have to work; however, rich girls are difficult to pursue! (Joel was previously married, and he can also do it!) May despise me for being boring. Slightly easier for interesting people to pursue girls. Actually, it's not that I'm not interesting. My other half must watch soccer with me; I can also go shopping with her".


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Personal Note: Ha ha.... Ma Ming already joked about wanting a rich girlfriend at the opening of Selena Li's beauty school... :P

Ma Ming said that this series doesn't have much location filming, as there is more studio filming; however, the cast has been spotted filming outside a number of times.

He he.... Ma Ming looks so cute in the pics with the bricks! :D

*Credits to appledaily, wenweipo, and the-sun


  1. ahaha, his other half 'must' watch soccer with him?
    i find ma ming to be so 'zhai nan' lol.

  2. He is so cute! Hahha!

  3. Kenneth is adorable!

  4. he is so cute lol! and i know he idn't mean that he wants a RICH girl! i've watched enough interviews of him to know he was just joking and that he's an AWESOME guy and very modest 2