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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Natalie Tong Teaches Kenneth Ma to Pursue Girls


Natalie Tong's first time filming an ancient series, but she feels that she has not yet dropped her Fuzhou accent...must work hard to learn pronunciation.

Kenneth Ma and Natalie Tong collaborated three times...have more and more chemistry.

After many years of soaking, Natalie Tong has gradually gained the value of TVB in recent years.

Natalie Tong and Kenneth Ma collaborated in three series consecutively. [She] highly praised him for being the industry's 'Good Property Guy'...unfortunately not like Moses Chan who knows how to make coffee. [She] laughingly said that [she] has to teach him to make a few special beverages to let him become even more proficient when pursuing girls!

In the new series "The Life and Times of a Sentinel", Natalie and Kenneth play a married couple. Natalie expressed that, although she does have much screen time this time, the collaboration was extremely pleasant: "We previously collaborated in two series. While filming 'A Fistful of Stances', [we] were not very familiar; however, because [we] played brother and sister, the attachment slowly accumulated! Previously, in 'The Other Truth', we became a couple. We requested to add some of the intimate scenes; because we have mutual trust, there was also no need for avoidance when filming. This time, collaborating in 'Sentinel' was certainly an easy drive on a familiar path!"

Keeps Silent When Asked About Amigo Choi

Kenneth has always been viewed as one of the industry's 'Good Property Guys'. Natalie laughingly said, "He is quite a good guy! Unfortunately not like Moses who knows how to make coffee...doesn't even know how to make milk tea. I also must teach him to make a few special beverages! (Did you introduce any girls to him?) Doesn't matter! However, there has already been too many people who have asked me to introduce. They can also introduce guys to me!" It has been rumoured that she and Amigo Choi have already reconciled. She kept silent and did not respond: "Not talking about this. Work comes first!"

Natalie expressed that, filming an ancient series for the first time, she feels that there are still many areas to work on: "Because I spoke Indonesian and Foochowese when I was younger, I still speak with lazy sounds now. I already found a friend who works at a radio station to teach me, and would also listen to tapes to make a change in pronunciation". Apart from this, she went to Japan, Kansai, Mainland, etc. earlier to film a travel programme: "Although the process was very labourious, was able to gain some insight on World Cultural Heritage...really eye-opening!"

Personal Note: Although the pairing of Ma Ming and Natalie is currently quite well-received, still see them as brother and sister....

He he... Surprised that Natalie still listens to tapes.... In this day and age, would have expected her to use podcasts or CDs (although CDs are slowly fading out).... ;)

Also, thought that Natalie was not back from Japan yet....

*Credits to the-sun


  1. she spoke indonesian? forreals?

  2. Love how all of MM's co-stars like to praise him for being a good guy. Hehehe!

  3. i really like this pairing currently, after The Other Truth and Now Life & TImes Of A Sentinel , they really great ! and start to like Kenneth Ma more... he is improving alot !