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Monday, August 1, 2011

Kenneth Ma on "The Green Room"

Personal Note: Ma Ming said that his dialogue in "The Life and Times of a Sentinel" is his most difficult yet, but find that he is handling the ancient dialogue quite well, especially during the scene in which Fuquan was trying to gain the trust of Xiaozhuang...enjoying his performance in "Sentinel" thus far! :)

Didn't know that Ma Ming's talent was singing when he tried out for TVB's Acting Class, but he said that he ended up singing off-key.... :P

Ma Ming said that he was very quiet when he just entered the industry (Myolie said that Ma Ming would avoid being interviewed when reporters visited them on the set of "Scavengers' Paradise"), but he has become more talkative in hopes of creating a good atmosphere among the filming team. Gallen Lo and Roger Kwok told him that the end product is better when there is a happier work environment.


  1. Kenneth is doing great in Sentinel!

  2. Do you intend to translate the clip? If you have time, please!!!

  3. To Anonymous:

    Sorry, I will not be translating the clip, as I do not translate such long interviews.

  4. To anonymous: if u dont kno chinese and you like watching their shows than you should learn chinese, it would be easier for u.

  5. To Hyn:

    Thanks for sharing. Really nice interview! He seems so real. With a great personality. Don't agree with the last part. Revieve a TVB award is a "yeun fan". TVB only gives award to actors and actress on a strategic way.

  6. can i have the link to the video?

  7. Ma Ming works so hard, I don't know how he has time to do everything. Oh, he is so cute saying he likes to stay at home. I'm sure he'll be an awesome husband!

    I hope he wins Best Acctor in the near future. He works non-stop, has a healthy image & most importantly, is a great actor!!

  8. To witnap: