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Monday, August 8, 2011

Kenneth Ma's Script Tossed Away as Trash by Security


ontv Clip


Kenneth Ma quickly went into the security room to retrieve his script.

Last night, Kenneth was filming a series in Tai Hung.

Kenneth Ma filmed until his body was full of sweat. Crew members helped him wipe his sweat and reapply his makeup.

Last night, TVB siu sang Kenneth Ma appeared in Tai Hung filming a series. During this, he placed his script on the ground, and then left for a moment. Unexpectedly, the nearby building's security thought that it was trash, and thus picked it up and tossed it in a garbage bin inside the building. To his surprise, his script had disappeared upon his return, so he looked everywhere for it. Afterward, the reporters on the scene told him that his script was tossed away by security, so he quickly ran to the building and knocked on the door, requesting to enter the building to retrieve [his script]...a comical scene. Afterward, he continued to concentrate on filming. During breaks, crew members continuously helped him wipe his sweat and reapply his makeup.

Personal Note: Like how Ma Ming still had a smile on his face after he retrieved his script! :P

*Credits to the-sun and gztv


  1. i love how the reporters saw it happen and didn't bother to stop the security! LOL! Ahh Ma Ming is so cute~!

  2. Haha! He was good to be that calm!

  3. To JingMui:

    Yes, it's quite funny how the reporters saw the whole incident happen.... :P