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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

《當旺爸爸》 "Lucky Father" Costume Fitting Pictures


"Scoop" Clip



Weibo Pictures

- 20-episode, warm, lighthearted comedy.
- Ha Yu will play a pawn shop owner. He is the father of Evergreen Mak, Linda Chung, and Cilla Kung.
- Steven Ma will play Lam Fat (林發), an amateur badminton instructor and a location contact person who loves money. He is an assistant director who works in TVB; however, because he is greedy for wealth and wants to buy a flat for his father, he takes on many part-time jobs (e.g., badminton instructor, taxi driver).
- Linda will play Ko Yu Chu (高如珠), a police constable who later becomes a CID. She is rather tough, straightforward, loyal, just, and cheerful. When she is off-duty, she works at her father's pawn shop. She and Steven grew up together. In the beginning, she really does not like Steven. She will have a romantic storyline with Steven, Edwin Siu, and Lai Lok Li.
- Nancy Wu will play Wendy Wan Yuen Han (溫婉嫻), Evergreen's wife who has a calculating personality.
- Evergreen will play Ko Wai Ting (高威庭).
- Edwin will play Yip Gwai (葉貴), a Malaysian Chinese who is Steven's roommate and good friend. He and Sharon Chan will play a couple.
- Cilla Kung will play Ko Yu Bo (高如寶). She has a brief period of enthusiasm for things, and spends her time quite idly at home. She later joins a singing competition.
- Lai Lok Yi will play Linda's ex-boyfriend. He is a businessman.
- Tracy Ip will play a Senior Secretary who is very cool. She is Matthew Ko's subordinate.
- William Chak will play a cop.
- Jack Hui will play a cop.
- Angel Chiang will play Bui Yi (貝兒), an arrogant, currently popular female star who picks on her assistant (played by Cilla).
- Sire Ma will guest-star as Mary, Steven's ex-girlfriend.
- Moon Chan will play the younger version of Cilla's character.

Clips (blessing ceremony):
Ha Yu's Tencent Weibo

Linda Chung's Tencent Weibo

Nancy Wu's Tencent Weibo

Edwin Siu's Tencent Weibo

Cilla Kung's Tencent Weibo

Lai Lok Yi's Tencent Weibo

Tracy Ip's Tencent Weibo

William Chak's Tencent Weibo

Completion Banquet @ J2 Clip

FYI: The official English title of this series is "Daddy Good Deeds".

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Personal Note: This will be Steven and Linda's fifth collaboration, as well as their fifth time playing a pair!

Steven seems to be playing a younger role again...when is TVB going to give him more mature roles?!

He he.... Linda looks like Miss Koo here--whether it's her hair or her outfit! :P

*Credits to the-sun, headlinedaily, tungstar, tvb.com, and Weibo


  1. what? linda has relationship with 3 men? so lucky xD!
    this role seems kinda tailored for steven as he is a' badminton instructor' hehe
    looking forward to seeing cilla and edwin~~~

  2. If Steven wants to win the TV King award, he needs some more mature and heavier role..

  3. It's Linda's first time portraying a cop. Hopefully she'll be a tough one...

    Steven's modern series are mostly lighthearted. TVB need to cast him in grand productions if he wants to win.

  4. always the same kind of series!!

    from Summer<3

  5. I'm excited for Linda's first time being a cop. She has relationship with 3 men, how lucky :D

    Yes, Steven need a grand production and not just comedies like this.

  6. Reading the reports, seems like Linda won't be playing a strong policewoman ... most likely one of those weak funny optimistic ones.

    The whole show looks boring to me.

  7. @Selina: it's not lucky; it's messy. 20 eps and 3 guys, it is too much.

  8. I heard Steven is leaving TVB next year since he doesn't get treated well. TVB rejected a mainland grand production for Steven to film this boring thing.

  9. Did Steven decide to renew his contract with TVB then?

    Nancy and Evergreen as a couple? Ew. No offense, I like Evergreen as an actor, but I can't digest the fact that they will have any romantic scenes together.

  10. LOL Ms Koo wore that shirt in one of the episodes i believe!!! i recognize it because i remember thinking .." those spaghetti strings attached to the sleeves...are NOT COOL. way to crump Ms. Koo's style " hahahahah~!

  11. Oh gosh! Edwin Siu!!!

    One thing though. Why is Steven almost ALWAYS paired up with Linda. They should consider pairing him up with others actresses too...

  12. will Steven ma and Linda Chung have a wedding in tvb lucky father

  13. I am actually happy that Steven and Linda are paired up again in this series to me they make a cute couple