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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Clips from "Hot Fun Gods"

This is a special summer holiday edition of "Fun with Liza and Gods" that was aired on July 31st, 2011.

Wong Cho Lam as Chin Sam Leung in "Relic of an Emissary"

Ha ha.... Cho Lam imitating Kate's lips.... :P

Louis Yuen as Miss Koo in "Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!"

This was the funniest parody! "Please continue. Move on, please".... :D

Johnson Lee as Yik Yik in "My Sister of Eternal Flower"

Found this parody to be the least funny....

"Sat in the City" featuring Laughing Sir

Funny how they mentioned the series "Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!", "Ghetto Justice", "The Other Truth", and "Be Home for Dinner"! :P

Cho Lam's short rendition of "Reading You" (唸你) by Jeremy Liu (Liu Jia Chang's son) is spot-on...so annoying! :P

*Credits to ExtendEntertainment


  1. well I have to agree with Denise Ho(Hocc) that the hook "My dictionary doesn't have give up" is written well sticks to your head ><" It just that Jeremy's voice sounded too kiddie. The version I watched first was the sponge-bob cartoon posted by Denise and at first I thought it was just a song made by someone online. Until I read Cpop access article.

  2. Hahaha the Miss Koo parody is indeed hilarious!!!

  3. LOLOL Ms. Koo
    Louis Yuen did an excellent job, it was a very funny script
    and he kept trying to imitate Linda's lips in everything XD

  4. Haha, the funniest part out of all the clips imo is Wong Cho Lam imitating Jeremy Liu's "Reading You" LOL so similar xD

  5. love louis' part. his sarcasm and actions all came in at the right time.


  6. Thanks for sharing!

    "Sat in the City" featuring Laughing Sir" <-wasn't that good, but I liked Part 1 of it though- only watched it after seeing this so didn't know it was incomplete. For those interested: http://youtu.be/zF4zcRfqL78

    My Sister of Eternal Flower clip was more making fun of a character who was already "dumb" so wasn't good.

    I felt the Yyes Sir Sorry sir" one was alright, though very similar to Wong Cho Lam's "No Regrets" where he was complaining to Wayne about stealing all the advertisements etc