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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Julian Cheung Celebrates Man's 40th with No Regrets



Julian Cheung had his 40th birthday. In the early morning, wife Anita Yuen uploaded an extract of Chi Lam's buddies, Aaron Kwok, etc., celebrating his birthday last night on Weibo. It could be seen that Chi Lam, who received two big birthday cakes and birthday buns, was holding champagne in his hands and was so happy that he had an 'O' expression. Anita left a message saying, "Mr. Cheung, happy birthday! Be healthy! Work goes smoothly! Love me and Mr. Demon (son Morton) forever!" Chi Lam also left a message thanking his good friends' good wishes: "This year, there were many, many friends who sang the birthday song to me. Too blissful...no regrets!"

Personal Note: Happy 40th birthday to Chi Lam! May you always be young, healthy, and happy! :D

*Credits to the-sun and Weibo

1 comment:

  1. ChiLam looks so young to be 40 yrs. old!