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Monday, August 22, 2011

"Men with No Shadows" Promotional Clip 1


Raymond Lam: "Humans are really ignorant. Think that everything is under one's control, but actually at the mercy of others. Don't blame me. I didn't do anything".

("Men with No Shadows". September 12th. Demons are born from the heart.)

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Personal Note: Looking forward to this series! :)

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. So NICE!<3
    I can't wait to see it!<3

    From Summer<3

  2. Hello hyn5-hyn5:)

    I would like to hear your opinion,
    so I have some questions to you;) (I hope it's okay)

    1, Who do you think will win this year for best actor and artist?

    2, And do you know who has the most chance to win?

    3,How many categories are there in this years?
    and are there some special?
    Like best screen couple;)

    I think your blog is fantastic:D
    Beacuse I don't understand chinese, so it is great that you translate;)
    I' not from Asien, but I really like to watch tvb seriers:) And I'm very interest in who wins what in Tvb Anniversay Awards 2011.
    But Thank you<3

    And I think maybe you should make a side where we can discuss about Tvb Anniversay Awards 2011, that will be so awesome!<3

    And thank you again:)
    From Mr. Nowhere:P

  3. love the music ! matches so well
    the very last part they showed Bobby (?) looking down the whole set over raymond, so is BObby the one controlling ?

  4. To Mr. Nowhere:

    Thanks for visiting! I usually discuss the awards when the official nominations are out.