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Saturday, January 29, 2011

"The Rippling Blossom" Trailer 2

Julian Cheung: "I am Sushi Buddy!"

Narrator: "Good ingredients, but if you look closely...."

Damian Lau: "Not up to standard!"

Julian Cheung: "I haven't done my best yet".

Damian Lau: "Accept my training!"

Julian Cheung: "Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow!"

Myolie Wu: "You keep saying tomorrow. How many tomorrows are there in a lifetime?!"

Julian Cheung: "How about you pack first?!"

Myolie Wu: "Tomorrow".

Narrator: "Perfect combination. Two possibilities".

Julian Cheung: "Beyond friends, but not yet lovers".

Julian Cheung: "When you see me in your dreams...."

Myolie Wu: "Why is there so much blood?!"

Julian Cheung: "It will be the time when you're troubled".

Narrator: "'The Rippling Blossom'. February 7th @ 9:30pm".

Personal Note: Finally, Chi Lam and Myolie's trailer has released!

Anyway, Chi Lam does have fantasy scenes in here.... :P

*Credits to www.myoliewu.org


  1. Cute! It seems like the Myolie/Chilam part is more comedy while the Tavia/Michael part is more serious?

    Also, Chi Lam doesn't look like he aged much! He still looks so young!

  2. To AC:

    Yes, Chi Lam and Myolie are the comedic pair, while Michael and Tavia are the dramatic pair.

    Yes, Chi Lam still looks very young. He will probably look like this forever! He he he.... :D

  3. I don't think there was ever a moment that Chi Lam was not cute. Even Morton has his good looks! Like father like son!

    Didn't Myolie refer to Chi Lam as the most 靚仔 actor who she has collaborated with? Hehehe!

  4. To Guru:

    Yes, when Myolie revealed that she would be filming "Rippling", she said that her filming partner is her most handsome co-star, whose handsome looks are comparable to international stars. When she gave that hint, I knew that she would be filming with Chi Lam. :D

  5. I agreed with Myolie. =P

    Ahh! Why is Chilam so dreamy?

  6. Chilam is truly a very handsome and dreamy guy! Ahh Anita is so lucky. Yes the son is also having Chilam's extremely good looks!