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Sunday, January 9, 2011

"A Great Way to Care" Trailers 1-3

"A Great Way to Care" Trailer 1

English Tang: "We are also equal!"

(Cult mania. Losing rationality.)
Narrator: "The most controversial subjects".

(Personality problems tempting them to commit crimes.)
Alex Fong: "No matter how hard you work, you will not surpass your brother. That's why you killed him, so you can replace him!"

(Compensated-dating girl uses her body to atone for her crime.)
Narrator: "From real cases".

(Diet becomes abnormal. Beauty gains immense weight.)
Deno Cheung: "Go home, and look in the mirror! Look at yourself! You have become a big, fat pig!"

(Post-traumatic. Psychological imbalance.)
Narrator: "Meticulous research. Professional consultants".

Alex Fong: "Medication can only temporarily calm her emotions. If we do not get rid of her psychological trauma, no one can guarantee that she will never commit suicide again".

Narrator: "Take off from the perspective of humanity. Solve cases within cases".

Narrator: "'A Great Way to Care'. Monday @ 9:30pm".

"A Great Way to Care" Trailer 2

Narrator: "Hot-blooded and enthusiastic. Gathers strong evidence".

Kate Tsui: "What do you know that you don't have the courage to say?"

Narrator: "Meticulous and calm. Reveals the littlest of symptoms".

Alex Fong: "Although he is mentally disabled, he is not stupid or a mute!"

Alex Fong: "No matter how painful, you must get back on your feet".

Alex Fong: "You can do it!"

Narrator: "Hot and cold extremes go after the key to solving the case".

Alex Fong: "Are you crazy?"

Narrator: "Entangled traps. Fall into the difficulty of solving a case".

Alex Fong: "Chan Wai Chung's target is not Apple's new boyfriend".

Kate Tsui: "Love rival! Chan Wai Chung is after his love rival!"

Narrator: "'A Great Way to Care'. Monday @ 9:30pm".

"A Great Way to Care" Trailer 3

Raymond Wong: "Don't say anymore. Tomorrow is our day off, so we must find something to do tonight".

Ram Tseng: "Do what?"

Narrator: "The three medical musketeers. Dashing medical heroes encounter tragic events".

Alex Fong: "I am Tai Chi Ho's doctor. I'm warning you to not disturb my patient".

Alex Fong: "Why did you take your clothes off?"

Suki Chui: "No, I think I have a high fever. Come and feel".

Narrator: "Simple and honest nurse encounters trouble".

Raymond Wong: "Being fat is not a crime! They are the ones who are in the wrong!"

Narrator: "Honest doctor gets involved in love debt".

Alex Fong: "Use your heart to deeply understand the patients' mentality in order to help them and save them".

Narrator: "'A Great Way to Care'. Monday @ 9:30pm".

Personal Note: Hope that the HK audience will watch this!

*Credits to HKLOVE.org


  1. I really liked this series. Don't like Vivien Yeo though. She is too "jok jong" for me.

    I like Kate, but don't know why many are biased toward her. I think she has a lot of potential.

  2. To Guru:

    Yeah, I don't like Vivien Yeo either. She is too over-the-top.

    I like Kate, too. However, many of Kate's characters are not liked by the audience.

  3. I think Kate's acting is nothing special and she's not exactly versatile.

    I admit she's getting prettier now however, after shedding off her extra fats. Kate's pretty hot looking now.

    Vivien Yeo is stiff and can't act, but she has some chubby cuteness.

  4. I really liked Vivien Yeo's cuteness in the series as well. Would be great if she can pair up with Raymond Wong again in another series. They make a great onscreen couple.

  5. Sorry if this is a dumb question...I remember watching this series years ago...How come it's showing again? Hong Kong didn't show this series yet?

  6. To mynameisrochelle1:

    "Great" was only released overseas. It is now airing in HK during TVB's primetime slot.