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Saturday, January 22, 2011

'Correct Word King' Steven Ma to Host



"Book of Words" is said to film a new season, and Steven Ma will be hosting it. Is this related to the fact that he is the 'Correct Word King'? He laughingly said, "Last season, it was all thanks to Eunice Lam for her help. I also have an interest in words. Perhaps, the company thinks that I am suitable for it". As for the female host, it has not yet been confirmed. The programme will air once a week. Aside from word games, there will also be an interview segment. "In terms of the guests, I will provide suggestions, as the outcome will be better if I am familiar with them".

With Steven's new hosting gig, it is difficult to avoid the fact that some people may associate this with Stephen Chan's return. "Without a doubt, he is an individual with talent. To be able to return, I am happy for him; however, there is not much change in my work, as you can see that I have not stopped since last year. This time, producer Fok Chak Kei approached me; there was no discussion with Mr. Chan about this programme".

Caption 1: "The Frightening Thunder of the Forbidden City", which is currently filming, will wrap up before Chinese New Year. Steven will rest for a few days after taking part in TVB's CNY programme. In mid-February, he will start working on "Book of Words".

Caption 2: In Steven's new series, because he wants to exact revenge, he ends up being manipulated by Kenneth Ma. His character consists of good and evil elements, and there is much for him to work with. "Kenneth and I communicate very well. Because we both have the surname Ma, we regularly refer to each as brothers".

Personal Note: Really enjoyed this programme! Loved the final episode! "神靈朝朝朝朝朝朝顯, 江水長長長長長長流" :D

Think that Koni Lui would be a good hosting partner, as she has some experience in hosting, and she was actually a finalist on the first season of "Book".

*Credits to mingpao


  1. I too think Koni will make a good co-host with Steven. She seems to have a bubbly personality and articulate with words, too. Plus, as a bonus, I recall she has mentioned that she got an A in her Chinese subject for her A level school exam.

  2. hopefully steven will invite tavia, linda or fala on the show, as they are his "little sisters" ^^

  3. why didnt ur blog work earlier?

  4. To tamaya:

    Yes, they had mentioned that in the first season that Koni received an A on her Chinese subject when she wrote her A-level exam. Very impressive. :)

    To jxy:

    Not only do I hope that Steven's sisters will go on, but hope that his brothers will go on as well. ;)

    To ben:

    Everything is working now.