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Sunday, January 23, 2011

"7 Days in Life" Promotional Clips 2-3

"7 Days in Life" Promotional Clip 2

Narrator: "Quarantined for seven days. Thief couple robs for seven days".

Steven Ma: "In these seven days, every precious item in this hotel will be in my bag".

Sonija Kwok: "We usually divide everything in half; however, this time I want 60 percent, and you get 40 percent".

Steven Ma: "Are you playing games?"

Sonija Kwok: "Seven days later, the Pretoria's Star will be in my hands".

Steven Ma: "I will kill whoever gets in my way".

Steven Ma: "The winner will definitely be me".

Narrator: "'7 Days in Life'. January 24th @ 8:30pm".

"7 Days in Life" Promotional Clip 3

Narrator: "Quarantined for seven days. Get in trouble for seven days".

Bosco Wong: "As a brave detective, let's do this no matter what!"

Yuen Wah: "Luck is not by placing the word 'brave' on your chest".

Joyce Cheng: "As a media pioneer, let's do this vigorously!

Joyce Cheng: "I want to know where the hostage is hidden".

Bosco Wong: "They are hiding sea cumbers, not hiding a hostage!"

Narrator: "'7 Days in Life'. January 24th @ 8:30pm".

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

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