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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Maggie Cheung @ "Forensic Heroes III" Costume Fitting



"Scoop" Clip


Joe Yau: "Wow, Maggie Cheung's forensic pathologist image is very cool. Today, Maggie is having a costume fitting for 'Forensic Heroes III'. She said that it is a lucky coincidence to take on this character and that it is fate".

Maggie Cheung: "Everything is a lucky coincidence, such as timing and everything. I have also worked with Mui Siu Ching in the past. She mentioned the role of a forensic pathologist, and I am very interested, as I have not played such a professional role in a long time and have always wanted to play one. Everything worked out, so now I have this look".

Joe Yau: "In order to take on this series, Maggie turned down many stage performances, ribbon cutting events, etc. She also made another sacrifice".

Maggie Cheung: "Sacrificed my hair. Not really".

Joe Yau: "Could not let go at that moment?"

Maggie Cheung: "Have let it grow for a while, and have always wanted to change my image, but had not come up with any ideas. Coincidentally, Mui Siu Ching told me that she wanted me to have a refreshing image that would complement the professional role of a forensic pathologist, and it must look cool. Therefore, the hairstylist came up with this hairstyle. Is it okay?"

Joe Yau: "Of course!"

Maggie Cheung: "Siu Ching Jeh said it's very good!"

Joe Yau: "It's very good, right, Siu Ching Jeh?"

Joe Yau: "Will be working with Wayne Lai to compete in acting. Maggie said that she is highly anticipating it".

Maggie Cheung: "Actually, I think that he is good at refined scenes. I remember his sitcom with Teresa Mo. He was a plastic surgeon. I thought he was quite captivating. This time, he's playing a member of the forensic team, so he may have an even more 'chok' image".

Joe Yau: "Will there be any difficulty filming romantic scenes with such a 'chok' TV King?"

Maggie Cheung: "Romantic scenes? I really don't know. Don't know yet, but I think our romantic storyline will be more mature. It shouldn't be very...."

Joe Yau: "Puppy love type".

Maggie Cheung: "Yes, not that type".

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Personal Note: Maggie looks very pro! Really like her short hair. Her last series with short hair was "Ups and Downs in the Sea of Love". Maggie slightly resembles Tavia with this short hair. ;)

Don't agree with Maggie saying that short hair is more fitting for professional roles, as Flora had long hair as a forensic pathologist in the "Untraceable Evidence" franchise, and she still looked very professional. :)

Funny how Maggie said that Wayne is 'chok'. :P

*Credits to tungstar and ent.qq.com


  1. I like her new hair style.
    Actually, I think Maggie fit this role more than Charmaine.

  2. I don't know why HK production crew always association short hair with professionalism! That's such a stereotype. Like what hyn5 said, Flora had long hair and forensic pathologist and she looked both elegant, classy and professional! ah how I wish Flora could film more professional roles again =( Untraceable Evidence1-2, Healing Hands 1, Mr. Diana were her best series.

  3. Maggie always sported the short hair when she first debut. I like her with short hair.

    Also, Maggie mentioned that she was first approached to do FH1. Which role was she offered?

  4. I think it depends on the actress. In most cases, short hair is preferred for professional roles. In my opinion, Flora Chan does not look good with short hair (Suspects in Love). Gigi Lai also sported the short hair in HH3, portraying a pathologist.

  5. kenix has had a lot of professional roles and i dont think i've ever seen her have short hair actually~

    same with jessica and her professional looks.

    i think it's more depends on face structure

    hahas but maggie looks great!!!Definetely very cool for sure~! Love the look!

  6. To sport3888:

    Also hope that Flora will film professional roles. :)

    To Tracy:

    Don't know what role Maggie was offered in FH. Could have also been a role that was not written in afterward.

    To Jie:

    Flora looked fine with short hair in "File of Justice V". Didn't like her hairstyle or her clothes in "Suspects".

    To JingMui:

    Kenix had very short hair in "Crimes of Passion".

  7. just looked it up!! omy i never saw this drama!! haha and its with Bobby too!!!<3

    was 扫黄先锋 any good?

  8. To JingMui:

    It's worth a watch. I remember there was a scene where Bobby and Kenix were an undercover couple. They were investigating a case, and the only way of getting information from the housewives was through mahjong, but Kenix didn't know how to play, so Bobby taught her. :)

  9. It's just a Maggie thing. She is known to have different hairstyle in each series she's in. She said in some interview that haircut really defines her character, so she likes to change hairstyle--even if it's the same length, she'll style it differently to suit.