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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Leon Lai @ J.S.G. Best 10 Awards Presentation 2010

The audience welcomed Leon Lai with their warm applause and their sharp screams on Saturday's "J.S.G. Best 10 Awards Presentation". They also sang along with Leon to his 1996 'Gold Song', "Deep Love Words Not Yet Spoken".

"Deep Love Words Not Yet Spoken" - Leon Lai

情深說話未曾講 - 黎明

作曲/編曲: 雷頌德
填詞: 潘源良

仍然在遠方 追我夢與想
繼續懷念你 卻又這麼漫長
從前未會想 感覺是雙方
你若燃亮我 我亦要懂得釋放


#你這剎那在何方 我有說話未曾講
如何能聯繫上 與你再相伴在旁
愛意要是沒回響 世界與我又何干
原來仍然是你叫我永不斷自強 如晨光

無數遠景再同創 遙遙同往
願再去找更遼闊同行地方 在途上

情路獨個闖 溫暖是妄想
每日來又往 也像隔一道牆
回頭又再想 心裡漸奔放
你若能會意 掛念已找到方向

Repeat *##@

Personal Note: 'Heavenly King' Leon Lai's best live performance ever! Without a doubt, Leon has the best love songs out of the 'Four Heavenly Kings'. :D


  1. That was pretty much it. Leon Lai Ming sing with huge confidence that blew everyone including that Japanese group "Exile" on the performance side. Sad isn't it?

    BTW, JSG awards was way, way, way, way awful this year. TVB really needs to fixed it... I dont mean that busted LED panel, anyway.

    Let see the ratings tank!

  2. To Anonymous:

    Yeah, the star power of artistes now is not comparable to those in the '80s and '90s.

    Hope to see all the singers participate next year.

  3. This has always been my favorite Leon song!

  4. A very strong live performance from Leon!

  5. ratings did tank... avg 19 points, peak @ miserable 20 point. good job tvb!

  6. Sorry, Hyn5, but I beg to differ on your comment. Leon Lai may have had some really good love songs but Jacky Cheung is the GOD of love songs among the Four Heavenly Kings. Jacky sings with such emotion and range. Leon is pretty stiff on stage. Don't get me wrong, I like Leon a lot too, just think Jacky is/was the best of the generation really.

  7. To Anonymous:

    Jacky is obviously the best singer, and has the best songs; however, he doesn't have the typical "lovey dovey" love songs.