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Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Love Is the Sea" - Wong He

The answer behind 14237348 (GPS coordinates 142.3;734.8)....


It is said that, before someone dies, he or she has a second to look back at his or her entire life; however, I have a second more than others, because that second is entirely you. Do not cry for me. Please let me die.


"Love Is the Sea" - Wong He

戀愛是個海 《雷霆第一關》 片尾曲 - 王喜

作曲: 林泳頤
填詞: 周耀輝


能破滅腐爛 原來不會化
想輕 偏偏積壓
想漂 仍然沉下

#戀愛是個海 衷心請你別送死

請你讓我死 想跟你但對不起

Repeat *#

戀愛是個海 風波險惡別送死
請你讓我死 想釋放便要一起 忘記

Personal Note: Really loved He and Jessica's chemistry in "A Matter of Customs"! Was not a fan of the cliffhanger ending, but glad that the ending was concluded in this MV. Still would have preferred for He's character to be alive though....

Back then, He mentioned that his favourite partners were Flora, Maggie, and Jessica in that respective order. :D He also mentioned that Jessica is in there because she told him to include her. :P

*Credits to 快樂萱


  1. aww I also remember watching this MV after the cliffhanger ending! ><" Certainly added to the sadness but the MV was filmed really well! And it made us assume He's character died =( Wow I almost forgot about He's collaboration with Flora they were in that part-time cop series with Jackie Liu. Their chemistry was quite nice as well. I remember how both Jess and AhHe were on SuperTrio episode and it really showed their friendship =) It's too bad, would love for them to act together again! Would've much preferred that SDU series male lead was Wong Hei so they can pair up again. Joe Ma and Jessica has like zero chemistry, all series where they're together has flopped! Though one can also blame the bad scripts.

  2. To sport3888:

    I really enjoyed "Side Beat", but don't know why the series was cut down to 14 episodes when it aired in HK.

    Also, it would be awesome to see Wong He in SDU. Would love to see He and Jessica collaborate again. :D

  3. Thanks for sharing, hyn! I've been wanting to see this MV. Definitely left a deep impression of Wong Hei's character and performance.

    Which series did Wong Hei collaborate with Maggie?

  4. Just saw the MV. I don't get what happened. Is this just explaining what happened after Wong Hei fell in the water?

  5. To Tracy:

    He and Maggie collaborated in the telemovie "The Bird of Prey" and "Burning Flame II".

    Yes, the MV was explaining what happened after He fell. It was basically showing Jessica figuring out the message that He left for her.

  6. Did it show in the series that he left her a message? It's been too long since I've seen this series.

  7. Nope, in this MV, He left his message, but in the series, it hadn't got anything. I love this MV, one of the most successful MV, of course it's not TVB's. In those days, they are rarely meaningful MVs TVB has made, especially from Cat's side.

    I also love the relationship between He and Jessica in this series and outside, they're really good friends. He came to TVB to support Jessica and unexpected role in 1 scene of "A Step Into The Past". And Jessica ,of course, was the guest star in "Burning Fame II".

  8. To Tracy & Alec Nguyen:

    At the end of the 31st episode, He told Danny Lee to pass on a message (i.e., 14237348) to Jessica if something were to happen to him. Then it showed He writing a letter, and burying it in that location; however, it didn't show the content of the letter in the series.

    To Alec Nguyen:

    Are you saying MVs for Catherine Tsang's series versus Tommy Leung's series? Like you said, this particular MV is not produced by TVB, so it is not directly related to Catherine and Tommy.

  9. oh so it was part of the series?! I always thought it was added for the MV only, I must've have missed that scene cause I never saw it!

    ah all this talk about Matter of Custom makes me want to rewatch it from the beginning!