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Monday, January 17, 2011

"The Rippling Blossom" Promotional Clip 1

Michael Tse: "The water temperature of 18 degrees is able to withhold the crimson sea bream's freshness, liveliness, and crispness. In order to win, the cut must be quick, accurate, and ruthless. Sashimi accompanied by wasabi...the outcome is extraordinary".

Narrator: "'The Rippling Blossom'. February 7th @ 9:30pm".

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Personal Note: Waiting for Chi Lam and Myolie to return from Mainland, so they can film their promo clip.... ;)


  1. when will myolie be done filming her mainaland series

  2. To Anonymous:

    She should be wrapping up at the end of the month.

  3. I'm guessing Tavia probably won't be at the promotional events since she's filming in Mainland?

  4. To Anonymous:

    Tavia mentioned that she will most likely not be able to return to HK to do promotional events, as the filming schedule for her Mainland series is quite tight.

  5. I heard somewhere that Myolie's mainland series with Bosco will wrap up on 28 Jan if it manages to follow the schedule. So I assume they will come back no earlier than 28 but Myolie comes back in time to promote Rippling before it airs.

  6. wonder what shes going to film next