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Saturday, January 15, 2011

《我愛HK 開心萬歲》 "I Love Hong Kong" Trailer

In theatres February 3rd, 2011

Producer: Eric Tsang
Directors: Eric Tsang & Chung Shu Kai
Publisher: Shaw Brothers (HK) Limited


  1. From the preview alone, this looks very similar to "72 Tenants".

  2. There's a lot of Mag Lam. She's also having a short mini series coming up.

  3. To Guru:

    Yes, it also reminds me of "72".

    To Selina:

    It does show Mag Lam quite a bit in this trailer.

  4. @ Guru - I agree. And it was amusing enough, but it's was more a string of celeb cameos with barely an actual plot holding them together. I think these movies could get quite tiring.

    @ Selina - first hint that TVB is behind this movie. They are pushing her like crazy. Am I the only who doesn't like her? She seems like a sweet girl, but I'm not a fan of her singing.

  5. i don't like her either. I think she's being overpromoted. There's a lot more talented singers out there that work so much harder than her and deserve the amount of promotion she's getting. I'm not a big fan of her voice. She has a problem with pronounciation and mumbles when she sings. Her voice hasn't matured yet so she should practice for a few more years. Ella Koon and even Hubert Wu (the guy who won the 2010 International New Talent Singing Championship) are both better than her.