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Monday, November 11, 2013

《醋娘子》 "Vinegar Lady" Costume Fitting



Date: November 11, 2013

Temporary Chinese title: 《醋娘子》
Pinyin title: Cho Neung Ji
Temporary English title: "Vinegar Lady"
Producer: Poon Ka Tak

Attending Cast: Myolie Wu, Ron Ng, Him Law, Eliza Sam, Gigi Wong, Alice Chan, Ku Ming Wah, Jade Leung, Derek Kwok, Koni Lui, Koo Koon Chung, Henry Lo, So Yan Chi, Nathan Ngai, Lily Leung, Quinn Ho, Alan Tam, Window Tsang, Andy Wong, Ip Ka Wang, Mark Ma, King Lam, Adam Ip, Russell Cheung, Aaryn Cheung, Jackie Cheng, Wong Chi Hong, Chan Kwong Yiu, Andy Siu, Kenny Chan, Alex Lam, Fan Chung Hang, Ares Li, Eddie Li, Kayley Chung, Kimmi Tsui, Snow Suen, Emily Chung, Mikako Leung, Mina Kwok, Yeung Ka Po, Ice Chow, and Niki Chan.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One Common Room


J2 Clip

Pearl Clip

TVB8 Clip


- 20-episode lighthearted comedy.
- The series focuses on the things that happen at a vinegar mill and a bathing house, which are on the same street. The story includes some resentment, misunderstandings, and such complicated matters. The love square is also one of the series' selling points. The romance has twists and turns, and the storyline does not lack lighthearted humour. In the end, it is a happy ending.
- Myolie Wu will play Cho Ching (曹青). She likes to get jealous. She and her mother (played by Gigi Wong) are swindlers. When she was running away after practicing fraud, she was rescued by Ron Ng, falling in love with him at first sight. She and Him Law originally had a marriage agreement; afterward, with Ron's help, she marries into the Chin family. At the Chin household, she learned how to make vinegar. After her mother went to prison for allegedly killing her husband, she was forced by the Chin family to establish boundaries with her mother. Afterward, Him divorces her. In the end, she discovers that Ron is actually the person who has been by her side protecting her. After she and her ex-husband separate, she and her ex-husband's family compete in making vinegar.
- Ron will play Kai Chun (計準), a hooligan whose family owns a bathing house. She has a skin illness; when he was seeking medical help, he got deceived by Myolie and her mother. Afterward, his skin illness gets cured by Myolie, and he becomes good friends with her, helping her get married into the Chin family. Afterward, he reports Gigi for killing her husband, making Myolie greatly disappointed in him. In the end, he realizes that Myolie is the person he cares about the most. He is Myolie's bosom buddy. He and Him are good friends; Him introduces Eliza Sam to him, but he is not interested in her. He pursues Eliza for Myolie. He and Myolie will play an arguing pair.
- Him will play Chin Tung (錢通). His family owns a vinegar mill. He is loved by all. He married Myolie, but he later becomes interested in Eliza. He and Eliza accidentally develop a relationship, so he takes Eliza as his second wife. When his mother-in-law goes to prison, he does not help Myolie out of fear of family rules.
- Eliza will play San Cha (山楂), a servant who accompanies Him at school. She and Him grew up together. She dresses up as a guy. Afterward, she appears in her female form, which makes Him interested. The two accidentally develop a relationship, later becoming Him's second wife and having to share a husband with Myolie.
- Gigi will play Cho Bai Yuet (曹閉月), Myolie's mother. She is a beautician who frequently deceives people. She has been looking for her missing husband. Afterward, she is suspected of killing her husband, and is sentenced to death by beheading.
- Alice Chan will play Chin Seung (錢霜), Him's aunt. She frequently finds fault with Myolie, and they battle with each other. She is still single, but she later falls in love with Derek. She has a romantic storyline with Derek and Quinn Ho.
- Ku Ming Wah will play Chin Chong (錢莊), Him's father and Alice's elder brother. He is rich and ostentatious. Later, he becomes paralyzed and is bedridden.
- Jade Leung will play Kai So (計素), Ron's elder sister. She later becomes Ku Ming Wah's second wife.
- Derek Kwok will play Fu Sam Yan (傅琛仁). He makes threatening gestures to others, but is afraid of his wife.
- Koni Lui will play Lang Choi Chi (冷采慈), Derek's wife.
- Koo Koon Chung will play Cho Tai Kung (曹大功), Myolie's father.
- Henry Lo will play a constable.
- Nathan Ngai will play Ying Ming (英明), a constable.
- Lily Leung will play Tai Kwan (太君).
- Alan Tam will play Yeung Wai (楊威).
- Mark Ma will play Chun Chu (蠢豬).
- King Lam will play Chui Ngau (吹牛).
- Aaryn Cheung will play Fung (楓), the head of the servants.
- Kayley Chung will play Bak Hap (百合), a servant.
- Snow Suen will play Pei Pa (枇杷).
- Yeung Ka Po will play Sek Lau (石榴).
- Cindy Yeung will play Eliza's servant. She has a pure and innocent personality and is rather stupid.

Blessing Ceremony @ J2 Clip (120713)

Visit @ J2 Clip (010414)

Visit @ TVB8 Clip (010714)

Completion Banquet @ TVBE Clip (012314)

Completion Banquet @ TVB8 Clip (012914)

Visit @ "Scoop" Clip (120214)

FYI: The official English title of this series is "Lady Sour".

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Personal Note: The character relationships are very complicated....

Ron looks Cheung Kwan Sui from "Lost in the Chamber of Love"!

The series will begin location filming on the 20th, while studio filming will begin on the 24th.

*Credits to rononline, leerainrain, Albrechtsen, stheadline, ElizaSamHKFansClub, and Weibo

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