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Friday, November 1, 2013

Gigi Wong Praises Kenneth Ma as Being a Good Boy


Gigi Wong highly praises 'son' Kenneth as being considerate, taking the initiative to suggest taking some time out to be a guest.

Artiste Gigi Wong is filming a food programme. She revealed that the episodes have been added to 15, and she has also created almost 80 dishes. When it was discussed that many people were worried about the new programme having excessive product placement, she said, "Whatever should be added will be added. Would not deliberately use or not use. This time, have peanut oil as a sponsor...I cannot not use it! However, I will not deliberately face the label to the camera!"

She also revealed that she would be inviting different guests to go on the programme. Kenneth Ma, whom she has a relationship like that of mother and son with, will also appear. She said, "Son (Kenneth) called me, and told me that he has been filming in Mainland recently...said that he would do his best to take out some time to come!" After saying this, she immediately praised him as being a good boy!

Personal Note: Looking forward to seeing Ma Ming on "Eating Well with Madam Wong", as well as this mother-son pair in "The Hippocratic Crush II"! :)

*Credits to the-sun

1 comment:

  1. Kenneth, you're a good son and a good doctor. Looking forward to watching this mother-son pair!