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Monday, November 18, 2013

"Lights Up" - Khalil Fong


Lights Up - 方大同

作曲/填詞: 方大同/Fergus Chow

Wutcha be like
It's a good life
In the limelight
With your heart of gold
I could tell you bout it
Make you doubt it or we could try Release your mind and your soul

Wutcha feel like
Catchin' spotlights
In the crowd life
Put ya on a show
You be thinking bout it
Cause you can't let it go
Oh baby

*If ever you can't fight the feeling
When the music is right You'll always be true
So stay close to me I can show you girl
Bout all of the things we can do

I got what you want
I got what you need
Just come out and see my world

Girl we gotta go
Girl we gotta leave

Turn the lights up
Put your shoes on
Get your groove on
Ain't nobody stopping us now
Before the night's up
Put your suit on
Get your move on
Get on the floor*

#I said...
Lights up
No other place I'd rather be
Lights up
Get away for a while girl
Lights up
Leave your worries and fly away

Be the one who
You could run to
Bout all the things that
Are out of your control
I could tell you bout it
But you already know

Repeat *#

Follow your way to the stars
Don't be afraid I'll be right where you are
We can go on like this forever And though we're far apart
I don't care what the others say
We'll share another day, baby
I'm here to stay
Show me the way to your heart

Show me the way Show me the way Show me the way to your heart
Show me the way Show me the way Show me the way to your heart

Repeat #

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