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Sunday, November 3, 2013

"The Hippocratic Crush II" Promotional Event 2



"Scoop" Clip

ontv Clip


Tavia Yeung Shows Bias Toward Him Law

"The Hippocratic Crush II" held a promotional event. When Him Law was playing a game, he was lazy. Although Tavia Yeung said that he could be excused from getting punished, he still had to do one-handed push-ups with Kenneth Ma's help. They, who were both wearing black, were evasive. When Tavia was taking a picture with her fans, Him's fans were holding up signs in the back, but he was not willing to take a picture together.

Him explained, "I would be covering Tavia's fans, so I didn't go take a picture with the. Tavia did not want me to get punished because she just wanted to quickly finish the event". Tavia, who was wearing a knitted shirt, said, "I am very hot. If the venue had more air conditioning, would let him do a few more". Tavia constantly used paper to fan herself. Someone told Him to quickly go backstage to get a fan. He surprisingly laughingly said, "That is a propeller fan. How would I take it out?"

Kenneth Ma Satisfied to Be Able to Compete

Regarding the new series going against Dayo Wong's "Bounty Lady", Kenneth Ma admitted that it did lose out, but the most important is that viewers like it and the feedback. It has been rumoured that he is competing with Julian Cheung for TV king. Kenneth said, "There are still many people, such as Dayo. Indeed very happy to be able to compete with Julian. I also have confidence". Recently, he has been busy filming a movie produced by Jackie Chan. Although he does not have a romantic storyline, already happy to see the RMB that he is making.

When mentioning that Virginia Lok had clarified that there were not restrictions on artistes going up north, Kenneth said, "Everyone is happy. My family is in Hong Kong, so I don't go up north for long periods of time often. Enough to film one Mainland series and commercials. Make more money filming commercials than series".

*Credits to tavia.org, the-sun, tvb.com, headlinedaily, and mingpao

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