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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Kenneth Ma Scratches $330,000 Car When Pulling Tablecloth


J2 Clip

Pearl Clip


Artiste Kenneth Ma attended an event to show off TVB's anniversary prizes. The greedy Kenneth expressed that he wanted to win everything, but said that, since young, he has not had luck with draws: "I have used my own car for five years...the flat is already 20-plus years. Hope to change my luck at this year's anniversary...win a car or a flat!"

At the event, Kenneth and Myolie were competing in pulling tablecloths. Kenneth, who did not practice at all, expressed not being afraid: "Luckily, the competitor is Myolie. Myolie doesn't have to work. I am a working class guy. Tell Myolie to give it to me!" Afterward, Kenneth worked hard. During this, he accidentally made a fork that was on the table fly onto the prize car, slightly scratching the car, so the other artistes immediately told him to compensate. Kenneth immediately said that he was poor: "I am very poor. Have to make more money. If not, how would I be able to get married in the future? (Already have a partner?) Not yet, but I have to save up. Although I would like a simple wedding, would have to see what my partner would want!"

"The Hippocratic Crush" Said to Have Errors, Kenneth Ma: Not a Documentary

Regarding TVB series being criticized by professionals as having many errors, Kenneth said, "When filming 'The Hippocratic Crush', asked the opinions of a few different doctors. If a certain doctor feels that the treatment is not that way, it is very normal. It also makes sense for everyone to have his or her own stance. Regarding it being said that pilots are not as promiscuous as 'Triumph in the Skies II', in the end, it is filming series. If it is too realistic, it would become a documentary, and it would not be interesting...then, everyone would really turn off their TV".

Personal Note: Ma Ming is so hilarious! :P Is that car fated to be his? Best of luck to Ma Ming at the anniversary gala! :D

Ruco attended an event the next day, and he said that he did not recall the fork having touched the car. However, I saw some news pictures, and there was definitely a fork on the car, as well as a slight scratch on it.

*Credits to the-sun and mingpao

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