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Friday, November 8, 2013

"The Hippocratic Crush II" Episode 5

Yue Jai tells Yat Kin about her decision to have an induced abortion.

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On the 9th, the stars of "The Hippocratic Crush II", Tavia Yeung, Kenneth Ma, and Mandy Wong, attended a fan meeting in Shanghai, where they gave out signed pictures and posters, and took pictures with fans.

FYI: The first week of "The Hippocratic Crush II" averaged 26 points (approximately 1,670,000 viewers), and peaked at 30 points (approximately 1,930,000 viewers).

Personal Note: The hand moulding scene was very sweet, but then it was sad seeing Yue Jai tell Yat Kin about her decision. Tavia and Ma Ming executed the emotions well, and showing Siu Jeh crying outside the door made the scene even more heart-wrenching.

*Credits to sNoOPy Wu, iqiyi, dfdybd, and kennethma.org


  1. totally heart wrenching and really as a viewer you wish they will really get a second chance in trying for a kid...:(

  2. Re-watched that scene many times and still, every time, tears rolled down on my cheeks...felt the pain..the emotion...they did it extremely well...