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Monday, November 4, 2013

Ron Ng Snags Thousand Dollar Jeans While Catching Thief


ontv Clip


TVB artistes Ron Ng, Vivien Yeo, Waise Lee, etc. went to the Central pier to film the series "Good and Evil People". Ron, who has portrayed cops many times, has returned to the profession, leading a team to arrest escaped criminal Waise. In the end, Waise got hit by a vehicle and was shot. Ron said that he is 'the TVB artiste who has portrayed cops the most since the company started up'. He did not show any fear going down a two-story escalator; however, when he did it the first time, he accidentally snagged his personal jeans worth over a thousand dollars, even needing a staff member to cut it off! Then, he slid three more times. Afterward, he laughingly said that he hurt his buttocks, but just considered a piece of cake compared to dangerous scenes in the past.

Personal Note: Why did Ron wear his own jeans when doing an action scene?!

Including ancient cop roles, this should be Ron's 11th time playing a cop in series! :)

*Credits to the-sun


  1. 11th time? Wow...
    1. The Academy
    2. The Academy 2: On the First Beat
    3. The Academy 3: E.U.
    4. The Four (Ancient Series)
    5. Yes Sir, Sorry Sir
    6. Forensic Heroes 3
    7. Ruse of Engagement (ATF)
    8. .....
    9. .....
    10. .....
    11. Good and Evil People

    Hmmm... what are the other 3 series? Golden Faith and China Series?

    1. Ron was a cop in "Golden Faith", and he also played constable roles in "Guts of Man" and "The Four".

  2. Include his cameo in Turning Point?

    1. Ron played a cop 11 times in series.

  3. Hyn5,

    After including Golden Faith and Guts of Man, do you know what is the missing series? I can't think of any...

    1. To thryzachan:

      Ron was also in "ICAC Investigators 2007".