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Monday, November 4, 2013

Kenneth Ma Reveals Lawrence Ng Being Worried About New Series' Ratings


Sohu Clip


Artiste Kenneth Ma went to a radio station to promote his new series, "The Hippocratic Crush II". He expressed that he portrays a doctor in the series. Because he encounters an accident, he has to be in a wheelchair, but cannot reveal the details...let the viewers watch the series. When asked whether he had great expectations for the ratings, he said, "Would not be very great because there are too many factors that affect ratings. Now, people's work hours are long...would not necessarily watch TV...may watch it online, so cannot just rely on TV ratings". Regarding whether there was pressure working with Lawrence Ng, he laughingly said, "These seniors may have made enough in Mainland...would smile while watching the wind and clouds". However, he revealed that Lawrence has pressure...worried that the sequel's ratings would not be good, and then everyone would blame him.

When asked whether he had confidence in being TV king with this series, he humbly said that he would look at it with a normal heart, and also highly praised his competitors being very strong: "If I lost, there wouldn't be anyone who would say anything. If I won, would just consider it luck and a little bit of cheating!" Kenneth also revealed that he was filming a movie in Mainland earlier, denying the rumours that TVB is restricting artistes from going up north to film series.

Kenneth Ma @ 《開心家天下》

演員專訪: 馬國明

Personal Note: Ma Ming wore the same pants and shoes at the second promo event! :P

Ma Ming said that there was a scene where Yue Jai and Yat Kin's mom are talking at Yat Kin's bedside after he slips into a coma following surgery; however, during rehearsal, he cried because he got touched by the dialogue.

*Credits to the-sun, sohu, appledaily, and kennethma.org

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