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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Yoyo Mung Mad at Ekin Cheng for Parachuting Before Asking


ontv Clip

Youku Clip


When Yoyo Mung attended an event at a high school, she and the students engaged in a tug-of-war competition, and successfully won due to the other team throwing the competition. She laughingly said that this was her first time winning in a sporting event: "When young, regardless of the sport, would only get fourth place at most...never stood on the podium. I also regret not doing much sports when I was young. Recently, when running, my knee would hurt. My trainer said that, when I was young, my muscles were not trained well enough". She also pointed out that husband Ekin Cheng parachuted in Europe before asking: "That day, I just woke up, and then he called me, saying that he just finished parachuting, and also said that Jordan [Chan] asked his wife before doing it. I said, 'Yeah, he asked his wife. You just told me after jumping'. He said that I did not wake up yet!"

Personal Note: Surprised that Yoyo never won anything in sports before, especially when she's known to be such a sporty person!

*Credits to the-sun and youku

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