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Monday, September 9, 2013

"Life Is Like a Song" - Julian Cheung


歲月如歌 - 張智霖

作曲: 徐偉賢
作詞: 劉卓輝
編曲: C.Y. Kong
監製: Gary Tong

愛上了 看見你 如何不懂謙卑
去講心中理想 不會俗氣
猶如看得見晨曦 才能歡天喜地

抱著你 我每次 回來多少驚喜
也許一生太短 陪著你
情感有若行李 仍然沉重待我整理

*天氣不似預期 但要走 總要飛
道別不可再等你 不管有沒有機
給我體貼入微 但你手 如明日便要遠離
願你可以 留下共我曾愉快的憶記
當世事再沒完美 可遠在歲月如歌中找你

再見了 背向你 回頭多少傷悲
也許不必再講 所有道理
何時放鬆我自己 才能花天酒地

抱著你 我說過 如何一起高飛
這天只想帶走 還是你
如重溫往日遊記 但會否疲倦了嬉戲

Repeat *

Personal Note: Have always thought that Chi Lam sings other people's songs better than his own songs, but I don't like this rendition or the arrangement.

Kind of odd that Chi Lam re-sang Eason's song for "Triumph in the Skies"...it would have been interesting to hear his version of George's song for the second installment, since there were many who said that that song would have sounded better if it were sung by him instead; however, I think that that song is only suitable for George.

*Credits to starstarfans


  1. Have you seen this cover of the Triumph in the Skies 2 theme song? http://youtu.be/BUt0bg-1WRs