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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Eliza Sam Supports Christine Kuo to Be Happy


ontv Clip


When artiste Eliza Sam attended an environmental protection event, she expressed being a supporter of environmental protection...would place empty water bottles in recycle bins. She, who has lost some weight, expressed that filming dancing scenes for the new series "M Club" has caused this; busily practicing dancing and also portraying a dance instructor have caused her figure to be even fitter! When good friend Christine Kuo attended an awards ceremony in Singapore, she was criticized for her bloated figure looking like being pregnant. She said that she has only been chatting with her in the chat room. Typically, when there is new beautification information, would also discuss, but do not exchange ideas on losing weight. Regarding Christine getting fatter the more she tries to lose weight, Eliza said, "I think that she is very beautiful. Whether one person is beautiful is not related to being fat or thin; the most important is that she is happy. Some people would get unhappy because of negative reports, but I think that she can handle it. (Has she complained to you before?) No. Know that she would look forward. Actually, the most important is one's attitude. If there is a good attitude, then would be naturally happy. I also have a chubby face, but I am able to accept it, so quite happy!"

Personal Note: Eliza does seem much slimmer now.

*Credits to the-sun

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